Emotional Health: How Emotions Affect Your Body

Emotional Health: How Emotions Affect Your Body

Emotional Health: How Emotions Affect Your Body

People with a good emotional health have learned how to deal with their emotions. They don’t let them take over their body, or lead their life. Lean how emotions affect your body in unusual ways by reading this short article.

You body unconsciously responds to everything that happens to you. You may not be aware of it, but negative emotions also affect us in a very physical way. Think about how some people develop ulcers or high blood pressure after a particularly stressful event. Learn to recognize some of these symptoms, and understand how to fight off what is causing them within your life.

Stress Weakens your Heart and Brain

Listen to the warning signs of your heart! Stress is a very normal problem to have, but when its levels get too high it can have disastrous consequences both on your mental and emotional health. Your heart is affected most of all! Stress can cause irregular heart beats, high blood pressure and chest pains.

Try listening to this soothing music to relax you mind and body.


Anger Weakens your Liver

According to Chinese traditional medicine, getting angry inflames your liver. Has it ever happened to you? After a fight with someone, you sat down and noticed that your lower chest hurt, and your head is dizzy. To fight this feeling of uneasiness, breathe in and out slowly, and use relaxing imagery to help you suppress the angry feelings and re-establish your emotional health.


Worry Weakens your Stomach

If I go through a long, stressful period, the first thing I notice being affected is my stomach. I am put off food, and worrying eats away at my appetite. Other people react in different ways: their stomach straight up hurts when the stress is too much! Try noticing if negative emotions affect you in similar ways, and see what you can do in order to fight off the worrying thoughts.

how emotions affect your body

Laughter Reduces Stress

Now, lets learn to fight off those negative symptoms! Lower your blood pressure and decrease your stress levels with the most pleasant and natural of activities: laughter. Laughing is amazingly good for you, so have a nice cackle when you feel like it, don’t keep it in!


Love Brings Peace and Harmony!

Love is the melody we all can sing, the music that brings harmony to your soul. Remember to let negative feelings leave your emotional body, and permeate yourself with positivity every day. Try doing so with this video taken from our main YouTube channel:

I hope you enjoyed this article on how emotions affect your body. Never let dark feelings get the best of you without even realizing it! Fight off the negativity and spread the love to those around you. Lets make this world a healthier place in which to live all together.

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