Establish A Positive Energy Balance With 8 Healthy Herbs

Establish A Positive Energy Balance With 8 Healthy Herbs

Natural herbal remedies have been used for millennia. They help establish a positive energy balance and nourish our body. Find out how!

Our emotional states are fed by our surroundings, which influence our positivity and our lucidity. Among the many things that can affect us, there are specific herbs whose frequencies are said to transform negative energies into positive ones and help deflect bad frequencies. Based on the same principle of essential oils, here are 8 healthy herbs to use in order to deflect negative energies.

White Sage

The smoke from this herb has been used for its purifying properties by Native Americans in rituals. Romans also believed that burning it imparted wisdom: to cleanse your aura, gently burn it and push the smoke around your body.


A personal favorite: not only does eucalyptus help with purifying a room’s negative psychic energy, and purify’s a home when someone has engaged in emotional, verbal or physical combat. It also has an amazing perfume! And it’s panda’s food!


In Italy, basil is a symbol for love and fertility. It acts as a protector of the family and family values, and relieves a home of negative energy. Basil is also the most common herb used in Mediterranean cusine.


Sandalwood enhances positive energy and resonates with chakras to align that. It is said to foster meditation, divination and consecration!


Oregano has been used for centuries to prevent a variety of physical and emotional ailments. Oregano tea used on the walls of homes forms a protective barrier against negative energies. Perfect on pizza!


The strong and gentle perfume of lavender can dispel negative energy and emotion. Among all the healthy herbs it has one of the most amazing and calming essences. Use it also on your wardrobe to perfume your clothes.

Ylang Ylang

Aid with love, sex and relationship. With the right state of mind it can become a powerful aphrodisiac, and can calm anger.


Rosemary lengthens your lifespan and promotes, once again, love and happiness. It helps improving your memory and when burned it emits positive purifying vibrations.

I hope you found this small guide to healthy herbs for positive energy balance useful. Make good use of their essence to create a strong barrier against negative thoughts!