Feel Good Foods To Eat While You're In A Bad Mood

Feel Good Foods To Eat While You're In A Bad Mood

Did you think that a diet’s only purpose is to lose or gain weight? Think again! Here is a list of feel good foods to eat while you are in a bad mood.

We need food to go through our daily routine, and what we eat influences us more than what you would expect. We are what we eat, they say. Have you ever though about how what we take in influences us on a chemical level and on a psychological one? They can help you feel energized or more awake, depending on what you choose to eat. So what are the best feel good foods that improve mood to eat while you are feeling down? Check out our list down below!


During a diet, we often shun chocolate as it is believed to be an extremely caloric and fattening food. Nothing could be more wrong! Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and flavonoids that can give you a burst of energy and stimulate happiness while you are in a bad mood.


If you are feeling confused and need to focus, coffee can give you a temporary burst of energy. Sometimes, that is all we need to start off well in the morning! However, pay attention not to abuse this beverage: too much coffee can have negative side effects such as uncontrollable hunger, insomnia and paranoia.

Lean Protein and Healthy Fats

Lean fonts of protein such as eggs, chicken and salmon. These are also fonts of omega 3, the good fat that that regulates serotonin, the mood hormone. Lean meats in general are one of the best feel good foods to eat instead of red, fatty meats.


Nuts can be very caloric, but they contain minerals such as potassium, iron and calcium that are sure to make you feel better. They are a fast fix for your snack break, and are one of the best foods that improve your mood as they can be brought everywhere!


Tea is great for concentration and relaxation. Drinking it has shown to improve creativity and the approach to how you solve the problems in front of you. Plus, it rehydrates you and tastes great!

Here we are: five great types of feel good foods that you can enjoy if you are feeling in a bad mood as of late. Remember to feed both your mind and your body when you are consuming them; here is some music from our channel for your special moments of relaxation.