Feng Shui Room: How to Sleep Better with Feng Shui Rules & Feng Shui Music

Feng Shui Room: How to Sleep Better with Feng Shui Rules & Feng Shui Music

A relaxing room is the key to being able to sleep better. Create the perfect Feng Shui room with these simple Feng Shui rules: you will love this cozy room.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an art, but it is born from instinct. It involves the pursuit to bring balance in all the things that surround you; not only a room or the objects on a table. For example, when you are feeling too cold you turn on the heater in order too feel better. This Feng Shui: modifying the environment so that you can feel better.

Some people do it in an unconscious way, while others try to perfect their skills. In this article we will discuss the basics to make the perfect Feng Shui room in order to sleep better.

Purpose: a Cozy Room to Sleep In

Let’s get started. First of all, you must have clear in mind the purpose of your bedroom. Some people may see it as a place where to make love, and as such their furniture placement is different. However we want to have a place where to sleep soundly, and this will influence our choices. To start, we must eliminate every element in our room that does not serve the purpose of sleeping.

Removing What you do Not Need

In order to sleep better, you must remove what you do not need from your bedroom. Feng Shui rules dictate that every distracting element that can produce negative waves has to leave. This includes anything work related or distracting: no computer or stuff hidden under the bed! They will only make your mind wander and make you want to use them.

Positioning Your Furniture and Possessions

This is probably the most important part. You must position your furniture in a way that makes you feel calmer and safer, making you sleep better. Following Feng Shui rules, your bed has to stay clear of the doorway and your back must be on a solid wall (with no windows or doors on it). Cover all nearby mirrors, as in a true Feng Shui room you must not be able to see your image in order to sleep well.

The Right Atmosphere

Finally, start adding your final touches. Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps can style up your room, and at the same time release negative ions when they heat up. You can play some relaxing Feng Shui music such as the one in the video below to create a great atmosphere in your cozy room to sleep better.

We hope you enjoyed the relaxing Feng Shui music and our tips on how to sleep better in your bedroom. Follow all these simple Feng Shui rules and you are sure to succeed.

Bye bye!