Fight Depression Naturally by Sleeping Less

Fight Depression Naturally by Sleeping Less

Could sleep deprivation effects be beneficial for once? A recent study has proven that sleeping less could actually help you fight depression symptoms.

Depression is a disease that affects millions of people across the globe. New advances are made each year in discovering a depression cure, but the one that a study made by the Medical University of South Carolina recently uncovered is quite unusual.

The study lead by a team of researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina and Rhode Island Hospital has showed a relation between sleep deprivation effects and the improvement of depression symptoms. American doctors rounded up patients that are affected by depression and forced them to stay awake for 24 hours.

The individuals that participated to the experiment were obviously sleep deprived, but it seems that staying up all night has alleviated the disease’s symptoms. Doctors believe that this was due to sleep deprivation effects: neurotransmitters such as serotonin are stimulated when a person stays up for too long. These chemicals have an effect on your brain that mimics the one created by antidepressants.

A good night’s sleep made the positive effect disappear in no time. Still, researchers seem encouraged by these first results and will continue the study with a larger group of people.

We may still be far from finding a true depression cure that works for all cases, but this is a small step ahead in the field.

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    Hey there, I was wondering if you could link me to that study? Im writing my own blog about depression and it sounds like something i would be greatly interested in 🙂 thanks!

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