Fight Stress with Meditation

Fight Stress with Meditation

Fight Stress with Meditation

When you think about stress you imagine a workaholic person, who runs from the workplace to home and back again, and has a lot of things to do, a lot of things to think about, not considering all the family matters, personal events and so on, never taking his/her mind off. But stress doesn’t come always from hard work or personal problems. Let’s try to understand what stress actually really is. We’re talking about a body’s way to react to a new challenge, a negative or a positive condition that can have an impact on an organism’s mental and physical well-being. Mental, because your mind is constantly under pressure, physcal, because it can have profound effects on human biological systems.

What does Meditation have to deal with stress? Many stress therapists recognize that a regular meditation and conscious relaxation can be a significant help in reducing stress, that’s why one of the most common reasons that people cite for wanting to learn meditation is to reduce the amount of stress grown during our daily routine.

What I mean, by talking about conscious meditation and relaxation, is not laying on the sofa or on the bed and let your mind wonder across the infinity. Doing so, it leads you to the same point you started, without taking any benefit from your meditative work.

Let’s start from the point that everybody can meditate, in different ways, in different places, in different conditions, you can do it for example at home, looking for an unhindered place, avoinding the tensions of the moment, lefting outside everything that can interrupte your personal time.

Meditation is not only for Buddhist Monks, you can do it wearing easy clothing, no need of tunics or strange hats, no need of magic wands or golden Buddha heads

You can sit on a carpet or on a pillow, just to be as comfortable as possible, better in the yoga position of Lotus Blossom. Meditation is a matter of concentration and regular breathing. That’s why your thoughts can’t be confusing and free.

To rule stress can be hard, that’s why it’s important to focus the mind on one thing, that depend’s on individual’s intentions and needs.


you don’t have to think on what you were doing before, or what you’re going to do after meditation, it’s a little time for you and no one else but you.

Moreover, meditation wants to promote mindfulness, which helps the stress-sufferer to recognize wrong patterns of thought that give rise to the stress response, and also involve the active expression of positive mental states and thinking such as self confidence, love, patience and energy. Don’t worry if you think that meditation takes away most of your time. It’s not important spending a lot of time for one session, it’s more effective do it believing for 10 minutes in different moments of the day. Helpful can be a meditation zen music that induces a deeper state of consciousness as a stress management tool. Here some examples: TIBETAN FLUTE MEDITATION MUSIC

Instead, for beginners, guided meditation is the perfect solution, to be verbally guided into a state of consciousness by following instructions that teach you how to relax the entire body, clear the mind, concentrate on your breathing and focus on awareness and attention: GUIDED MEDITATION

Anyway, life is always going to be full of challenges, and consequently, stressful, but a life without some action is not only impossible but is also undesirable

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