Finding Happiness Within: The Light Hidden through the Dark Times

Finding Happiness Within: The Light Hidden through the Dark Times

We are made both of good and bad, light and dark, choice and regret. We are eternally changing, and being constantly happy and positive can be difficult at times.

We restrict ourselves. We keep on restricting our emotions when we negate their existence and we try to make ourselves believe that we are able to feel just the bad and not the good. We fish out the positive and the negative, and only throw back in the water the latter, acting as if it did not exist. We are confused by negative feelings, because we do not have the power to understand them; we try to believe that we have a perfect beautiful life, but by doing so we are not truly living.

We want happiness, so we avoid pain, right? That’s how we work. Through the dark times, we act as though there are no shadows and as though everything is illuminated and clear, even if it not. This is because we want to be brave, and that which we do not understand is irrational and scary.

But this does not fulfill us; it does not make us happy. We deny ourselves a whole plethora of emotions and it makes us feel uneasy because we are not honest with ourselves.

In order to be complete again, you have to gather up the courage to feel those negative emotions so that they can make the positive ones even more powerful. After all, you can’t have a silver lining without a cloud. It’s all about perspective and finding the spirit to take that step; finding happiness within by allowing us to feel pain for us and for the others surrounding us.

Its as if you were painting a picture. To make it seem more real, you have to add all the dark spots that make up the shadows before we add the light ones that give it life.

In order to have a beautiful life, we must allow ourselves to feel what we go through during the dark times. I hope these words can inspire you, and help you get a little bit more in touch with who you really are and what you hold inside.