Finding Peace when you are Broken to Pieces: 5 Ways to Come Back Together

Finding Peace when you are Broken to Pieces: 5 Ways to Come Back Together

Finding Peace when you are Broken to Pieces: 5 Ways to Come Back Together

Today, we’re gonna talk about how to mend a broken heart that has been shattered to pieces. Learn how to find peace and heal from the pain!

We are meant to love and to be loved. We deserve it, and we yearn for it. However, sometimes we receive rejection instead of acceptance, and due to this we face both physical and emotional pain. The first thing you need to remember is that rejection has nothing to do with what you are worth. You are an amazing person, and you know it! Nothing is more important than feeling good with yourself, and no one has the right to put a price tag on you.

Now that we made that clear, lets get into the best ways for finding peace and forgiveness after facing rejection, or having your heart broken to pieces!

Shed the Guilt

Find satisfaction in whatever you are doing right now. You are the most important thing you need to take care of. Don’t obsess with what other people are saying or doing, as truth is it doesn’t matter! Give your 100% to the truly important things, and try seeing the positive even in what looks like negative.

Strengthen Relationships

Find the relationship that fulfill you and make you happy. Locate the people in your life that bring joy and positivity rather than negativity and back-talking, and keep them close to you. Strengthen relationships and friendships that deserve it!


Finding Peace and Understanding

Develop an understanding heart. Try and realize that everyone has its motives, and that not all actions are made with the sole intent of hurting other people. Try and understand others and their feelings using mindfulness: have peace!

What you Can and Can’t Control

Learn to distinguish between the things that you have control over and the events that happen outside of your reach. You are not omnipotent, and you can’t have a say in other people’s decisions. Keep in mind that trying to overcome the inevitability of actions and consequences will only make you bitter towards life: learn to accept!

Enjoy the Simple Moments

Remember to enjoy the small, simple tasks. Life’s not all about the big eventful moments: it’s also about appreciating the little things that lie in between them. If we were only make of ups and downs, we would go crazy after a while! Next time you have the opportunity, take some time off to brew a cup of tea, and just sit next to the window to enjoy that moment.


I hope you found this article about finding peace and forgiveness when you are broken to pieces useful. May it help you in your quest towards a happier life after facing rejection or a misunderstanding.