Finding Purpose in Life: a 3-Step Process

Finding Purpose in Life: a 3-Step Process

Finding Purpose in Life: a 3-Step Process

Discovering your purpose can be pretty tricky. Some seem to know already what they’re meant to do from a very young age. While others struggle their entire life to find their place in this world to no avail.

We believe that finding purpose in life doesn’t need to be such a harsh and demoralizing process. Which is exactly why today we’re bringing you this 3-step method. A nice and easy guide that you can apply to your life right from tomorrow morning!

1. Set the Intention

Discovering your purpose in life is something you need to do, actively! So, start by setting the intention to do it. Your heart knows it already. In fact, it’s all about aligning your mind to it. And by actually convincing yourself that you’re going to go out in the world searching for clues, the universe will deliver!

With this mindset, you’re going to start seeing more signs sooner or later. Go in a library and keep in mind which books stand out to you. Also, try to remember whether a conversation you heard struck a chord with you. These are all examples of signs that you need to be ready to pick up!

2. Follow Your Passion

Think of your consciousness as divided in two entities. The Ego Self and the Higher Self. The first one is what you physically do and how you react in the immediate to things. The latter, on the other hand, is the one that knows already what you’re destined to do and tries to guide the Ego Self by sending a frequency.

That frequency translates to your passion, and as you keep following it, you should get closer to finding out what your purpose in life is. It can be a very subtle thing in the beginning. You might not even realize that your Higher Self is trying to guide you. So remember, train your mind to see more signs.

3. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you follow your passion, you’ll inevitably bump into something that makes you uncomfortable. And if you don’t step out of your comfort zone, you’ll trap yourself in a never ending cycle where nothing gets done. Finding purpose in life requires courage. The bravery to do things that scare you is the very last ingredient to this recipe. It’s pretty straightforward, don’t you think? There’s really nothing else to it.

What about you though! Do you feel like you’ve already figured it all out? If so, how did that happen? You can let us know on either our Facebook page or Instagram!