Flower Essences: How Bach Flowers can Help with Depression

Flower Essences: How Bach Flowers can Help with Depression

Flowers have been used for centuries to influence people’s moods and to help with depression. After all, the greatest healing power of all lies in nature. Today, we will discuss a very peculiar and little known natural remedy used for dealing with grief: Bach Flowers.

Bach Flowers have a very romantic story: they were first used when Dr Edward Bach (bacteriologist and homeopath) began to develop a method through which his patients could get over a negative emotional state through nature and the use of scented oils. These amazing remedies resolved affective problems, including dealing with grief and help with depression.

How did he do this? Bach transferred the energy of flower essences he believed to be helpful to water and preserved the resulting substance with brandy. He got this idea from observing the dew that collected on flowers, but as collecting these small drops was impractical he devised his own method of creating his essences. By boiling the petals of specific flowers and plants he obtained a special concoction that he claimed would influence moods and help overcome fears.

Bach Flowers became know all over the world for being able to calm emotional distress. Nowadays, they are found quite easily in any herbalist’s shop. Each one of the flower essences has its own peculiar effect on the body and mind. For example, white chestnut lessens unwanted thoughts, the star of Bethlehem lets you overcome shock and helps dealing with grief.

I hope you found this article interesting and enjoyable. If you ever get the chance to try this powerful but gentle homeopathic remedy, do so! Bach flowers are very inexpensive and have many positive effects on your feelings.

Add some relaxing music to your life, too.

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