Food to Avoid: Bad Foods That Have no Place in a Balance Diet

Food to Avoid: Bad Foods That Have no Place in a Balance Diet

You would never had believed that these foods have no place in a balanced diet. Avoiding these bad foods is the secret to how to get healthy.

You started your diet some time ago, but it just is not working. You may have chosen by yourself the foods to avoid based on common sense. But what if the true reason your dieting is not working lies in secret foods that you would not have thought actually effect you.

The following is a list of things you should avoid in your diet. If you are looking for how to get healthy, try not to eat them.

Whole Milk

Let us begin our list of food to avoid with something many people consume every day without knowing the true amount of fat it contains. Whole milk is loaded in saturated fats (that’s the ones that raise your cholesterol levels) that contribute to clogging your arteries. Moreover, it has a very high amount of calories.

When on a diet, stick to low fat milk. Your heart and arteries will thank you, and your waistline will go down.

Stick Margarine

You might have thought you were doing yourself a favor avoiding butter and going for the “healthier” margarine instead. Turns out you were actually wrong. Stick margarine has up to 100 calories per tablespoon and contains trans fats – the ones your body gets rid of with more difficulty.

Avoid it when you can, and try to cook with its more diet friendly soft tub variety.


Soda is liquid candy. Its a food packed full of sugar, and the bad thing about it is that it goes down so smooth that you do not even realize that you are intaking it. If ever there was a food to avoid in a balanced diet, well that is soda.

To replace it, use 100% fruit juice and make sure it has no sugar added to it.

White Bread

Starchy white bread is a food to avoid if you are hoping to get nutrients and slim down at the same time. It has been stripped down of all its nutrients and filled up with refined fats that will not do a favor to your waistline.

If you are looking for something to munch on that has less calories, you can eat saltines instead. Just spread some light cream cheese on top, and your healthy diet snack is ready!


There is no nutritional need for caffeine. On the other hand, caffeine addiction can cause health related problems and make your feeling of hunger go up. It affects your nervous system, so try to avoid it when possible. Many people can’t drink their coffee plain and often add cream and whole milk to it; if you are one of them, consider if it has an effect on your dieting plan.


Alcohol has 7 calories per gram and contains no nutritional value whatsoever. Just by going out and ordering a drink with your friends you are piling up empty calories on your diet. A balanced diet would generally not include high amounts of alcohol.

That said, there are also positive effects to drinking a small quantity of alcohol each day. A cup of wine reduces high blood pressure; like most things, you should just avoid consuming it in excessive quantities.

We hope you found out interesting things by reading this article on what to avoid for a balanced diet. May you understand a little better how to get healthy with this list of foods to avoid.

Remember, no diet is ever complete without a decent workout every couple of days! You can use this music to help with your motivation.