Foods That Make You Smarter

Foods That Make You Smarter

Did you know that certain foods can make you more active and improve your memory? Here is a list of these miraculous ingredients, and of the ways they help your body.

We are what we eat; the food we choose to power our body affects us profoundly, as it transforms in the energy that we require to live. When we have an unhealthy diet, our lifestyle and our performance are influenced by it.

In summary, our body is affected by what we eat, and these effects can be either good or bad. What if we could take in only the good, and carefully control what we gain from our nutrients? Well to an extent it is possible. Here is a list of healthy foods that make you smarter and help to improve your memory. Remember to eat them while following a balanced diet, and you will feel their positive effects on your body and mind!


With their high quantities of Vitamin E, almonds protect the brain from old age and the effects of aging. They are a nutritious food that makes for an awesome snack in any all natural diet. You can also eat them salted or on cakes!


Antioxidants protect you from aging, and blueberries contain a lot of these bad boys. Eat them, and not only will you improve your memory, but you will also reduce stress levels and free radicals.


One of the fattiest but tastiest fruits out there. Avocado is a great source of omega-3, Vitamin E and omega-6, which all protect you from the effects of time. Eat it raw or make a salad! You should not miss avocado when following a diet of “smart foods”!

Dark Chocolate

Not all chocolate is bad for you. The dark kind is kind to your brain, did you know that? The higher the percentage of cocoa when you buy this delicacy, and the more positive effects you will get from it when you eat it! The flavonoids in chocolate help improve the blood flow to the brain, which positively affects your brain and memory functions.

We hope you found this list of foods that make you smarter interesting, and, why not, also useful! Try using them in a balanced diet in the future and see if they happen to make a difference and helo improve your memory!