Fun and Easy Meditation: Relaxing Techniques to Enjoy Your Meditation

Fun and Easy Meditation: Relaxing Techniques to Enjoy Your Meditation

Meditation is good for me. I know that, but sometimes I just do not feel in the mood for it. Here are some fun and relaxing techniques to spice up your meditation!

To really enjoy the benefits of meditation, you should sit down and carry out your routine every day. For some, this task can become tedious and, in the long run, boring. I KNOW that meditation is good for me, but there are times I just do not feel in the mood to do it. It’s in times like these that I use some of these fun and easy meditation techniques in order to spice up my routine!

100 Breaths Techniques

Take 100 breaths, and count them one by one without thinking about anything else. It will give your brain something to do while the rest of your mind is inadvertedly meditating.

Take a Meditation… Nap!

A meditatio nap – lie in bed, relax, close your eyes and do nothing. Try staying in the sun. Just lie down; maybe you will be inspired, maybe you will fall asleep… Who knows!

Unusual Music for Your Meditation

This may not be the best meditation music, but it sure will liven up your boring meditation. Try this unusual and unique sounds from our channel:

It certainly is more upbeat of normal meditation music, but it sure is not boring!

Get Comfortable

Being uncomfortable is one of the most common reasons that held me back from starting my meditation. I don’t think there are that many people that truly enjoy being uncomfortable. Do you? So, to change up things the next time you do not feel like sitting on the floor and meditating, get a couple of large pillows and a blanket and lie down on those instead!

Reward Yourself!

When using these effective but simple meditation techniques, make sure you are rewarding yourself. Have fun, but not too much. If you get used to it, it will all be over!

Hope you enjoyed these fun relaxing techniques for an enjoyable but simple meditation! Let me know if they worked for you and got you off your lazy bum.


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