Good Mood Food: The Best Mood Boosting Foods

Good Mood Food: The Best Mood Boosting Foods

We are what we eat. If you are feeling blue, or you just need an energy booster, you might wanna try out these good mood foods: they are fuels for life!

If you are feeling tiered and want to fight off that feeling, there are a couple of foods that you might wanna consider adding to your diet. I’m talking about immune boosting foods, ones that are known to ease anxiety, fight depression and contain vitamins for energy. Here is my personal list of them which I recommend trying out:

Dark Chocolate. Bitter, delicious and healthy. Eating a small piece of dark chocolate every day has been scientifically proven to improve your mood. This treat reduces stress hormones thanks to its high level of antioxidants, and helps keeping your heart healthy. Mind you, this is not the cream filled, calorie packed kind, so if you are not used to it dark chocolate might have an unusual (almost unpleasant) taste. It is, however, a taste that you can grow to love: I suggest you try eating a small piece during your break every morning!

Carbs. Despite popular myths telling you otherwise, carbs are the primal fuel to your body and they are necessary to go on living. In case you are depriving yourself of them, you might be experiencing more depression, anxiety and anger than you normally would. Researchers suspect that carbs help in the production of serotonin, an energy booster chemical for your brain that makes you feel good. If you really wish to stick to a diet in order to lose some weight, consider eating whole grain instead of white bread.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables. People who eat whole, fresh foods are less likely to report feelings of depression. Antioxidants in fruit have been shown to affect the neurotransmitters that impact your mood. The nutrients from these immune boosting foods can affect you positively if you keep consuming them for a long period of time.

Fish. Eating oily, fatty fish (tuna, salmon, sardines) and mussels will give you a high amount of omega-3, the nutrient famous for being super healthy for your heart. This compound is also a mood boosting nutrient that cannot be produced by our body!

Tea. We went over this time and time again. Tea is great for you on so many levels. It relaxes you, provides antioxidants and helps you flush out toxins. It makes for an awesome good mood food as the small amount of caffeine in it makes you feel more focused and attentive.

I hope you found this list of mood boosting foods helpful, and that thanks to it you may have found about new interesting ways you can take in the necessary vitamins for energy you need to feel good! Change your diet according to your needs if you are feeling cranky or slumped lately, you will not regret it.