Happy New Year! Meditation Relax Club’s TOP 2018 Moments

Happy New Year! Meditation Relax Club’s TOP 2018 Moments

Happy New Year! Meditation Relax Club’s TOP 2018 Moments

And just like that, 2018 is nearing its end… The holiday season is once again upon us, here at Meditation Relax Club.

This year, for us, has been one where we began to challenge ourselves, where we started by rethinking our processes in order to get better. We are excited for the new year: just to give you a sneak peak, in 2019 we would like to understand the cultural and digital nuances in each and every country we have followers in. We are always looking for ways that we can improve our work and we welcome any input from you to help us in this regard.

This end-of-year post is also a great excuse to reflect back on 2018’s highlights, so here are Meditation Relax Club top five best moments:

1. Meditation Relax Club hit one million YouTube subs! On March 2018, after almost six years since we uploaded our first video, we celebrated our million subscribers milestone! 8 billion and a half minutes watched: it seems a small goal, but for us it’s a big deal! One of the most popular youtube sleep music videos, “Sleep Music Delta Waves” has finally passed the threshold of over 100 million views. If you came here looking for the best music to help you relax, you came to the right place. During this incredible year we celebrated the goal of finally reaching over 115 million views on our most popular youtube sleep music video. Thousands of people from all around the world tune in every day to listen to these relaxing sounds, finding inner peace thanks to them.

2. Not only views or subscriptions goals: during these months we finally created an Instagram account! If you’re feeling stressed and wondering how to relax, our photos and Instagram Stories help you for releasing tension in your body and your mind. Did you not know about it, yet? Follow Us!

3. Community has always been at the heart of YouTube, this is why we decided to take advantages from community tab function. From supporting each other, touring the world, to making each other laugh, we and our audience have established strong bonds on YouTube. Our community is able to connect millions of users and gather input for what videos they’d like to see. We’re super excited to see how to further grow and engage our audience next year!

4. The Meditation Relax Club family keeps growing day per day: this is way we launched our 24/7 stream that you can play in the background any time you want! In 2018, we decided to launch a nature video HD endless stream you can play anywhere you want!

To celebrate Xmas Time, we also add a new stream. This year, we’re able to share with you our most wonderful music through our Christmas Radio! It’ll be available the whole month, 24/7, and it will be here for you to enjoy up until the new year! We’re live right now!

A very Happy New Year from everyone here at Meditation Relax Club, we hope your year is a very happy, peaceful and prosperous one, and you find whatever it is you’re looking for.