Having Trouble Sleeping? Better Sleep Easy Tips

Having Trouble Sleeping? Better Sleep Easy Tips

Relaxing sleep music or to read a book? I wonder how to get better sleep during these cold winter nights when having trouble sleeping is a common factor on my agenda.

Books are our best friends. They are our window to the world. You must have read a lot of quotes praising books in a library or a book café or a bookstore, if you have ever visited one. But what is a book without a reader? Have you ever imagined that like followers make up a leader, books are nothing without the reader? A book can do nothing on its own lying on the shelf gathering dust; it is a reader who makes it alive.  How to get better sleep is another question that reading a book can offer us on our platter.

A reading habit serves dual purpose. It becomes our companion at any hour of the day and it is a good way to meditate as well. When we are tired from the day’s work and wish to take a break to refresh ourselves, reading some book relaxes our mind. Reading is the best gift of solitude. It time and again reminds us that we are not alone.

A book (usually under the fiction category) that interests you is the complete toolkit for curing sleeplessness or what we call as insomnia. It diverts your mind from the rut of life, absorbs you in a brand new world that never actually exists and makes you explore that new found world. Once your connection to the tiring day life is broken, you are transformed to your less active side of the brain that makes you imagine and you slowly slip into a state of dreams thus bringing sleep along. You sleep like an infant smiling through the adventurous journey. A refreshing beauty sleep like this will wake you up completely ready to bear the challenges of the next day. You will be more energetic as your brain has had the complete opportunity to refresh all the previous inputs and make space for newer ones. The result will be great retention and alertness all day long. But it is not a one day therapy. It should be made into a habit.

The choice of book needs not always to be interesting. Remember how we start yawning when there are some boring curriculum books or office manuals placed in front of us; or when we are in the middle of a boring movie? Yes you got it right! The word boring itself is a sleep inducer. So, not just interesting dreamy fiction, but boring books also turn out to be companions in disguise.  But beware that you make an honest attempt to read the book, without knowing the fact that “it is boring” from the very beginning. You will fall asleep for sure.

Read a book but avoid a suspense novel. Then you will just end up making your mind more and more alert. Like sleep music should be soft and calm, the book also needs to be unrelated to the worldly noise.

How to sleep better is a tough question but not when you have a book by your side. Read to sleep well.

A good thing is to combine a good book with some relaxing music that we can call study music, to help you find a better sleep.