Health Benefits of a Raw Food Detox Diet

Health Benefits of a Raw Food Detox Diet

The practice of eating raw food, also know as raw foodism, is the practice of eating uncooked and unprocessed food. Read on to find out the health benefits of following this diet.

Energy and vitality. These are the two main health benefits you will enjoy while eating raw food. Because through the process of heating up your food you lose proteins, minerals and vitamins. Not only that, but by overcooking your meat you destroy enzymes that would aid you in your digestion. So here are a couple of reasons you should start enjoying more of your food raw (when possible).

Be creative. Eating food raw can sometimes be a hassle, and not always easy. You can start by following easy recipes to get used to the idea of not being able to use fire to change your food. In the mornings you can start with a fruit smoothie, or add a salad to your regular meal. Gradually replace what you would eat with raw food, and experiment with what you like best!

Think about the numbers. When you heat up your food up to over 60 degrees, you lose a staggering 80% of nutrients contained in it. You think you might be enjoying a healthy portion of greens, but did you know they could be even healthier and nutrient-packed if you only avoided boiling them? Once in a while, try not to cook your ingredients and try following a couples day long raw food detox diet.

Less time spent cooking. When you eat raw detox food, you spend less time preparing it, you dirty less plates and you spend less money. Only downside? You have to spend more time finding fresh ingredients, but as soon as you find a regular supplier he can set what you need aside for you.

Control over what you eat. When you eat cooked food, you usually rely on prepackaged products. Knowing the history and ingredients of these is often difficult or impossible. However, when following a raw food detox diet you have control over all the ingredients, and can avoid taking in unhealthy chemicals and preservatives.

Having a diet that solely allows eating raw foods can be difficult. However, I hope you can agree that including as many raw ingredients as possible does have a lot of health benefits, as the points above have proven. May these tips push you to improve your lifestyle, and to improve the energy in your body!