Homemade Snacks: Healthy Snack Ideas to Get Back to School!

Homemade Snacks: Healthy Snack Ideas to Get Back to School!

Did your children start going to school? If you want some ideas for quick healthy snacks, read this short article.

What should you give your child to eat during their morning playtime? What you choose has a huge impact on their day and on how they behave. Supermarket shelves do not exactly offer a healthy choice, as most of the snacks contain food coloring, preservatives, or too much fats and sugars.

Experts report that the perfect healthy snack should be a rapidly burning food, rich in carbohydrates and poor in excess fats in order not to lower the energy levels of students that need to study during the following hours of the day. It should contain about 5-10% of the daily need of calories. That is about 100-125cal for a 6 year old and 180-200cal for a teenager.

What better healthy snack could there be that a homemade one, prepared with love and natural foods? Here is a list of simple homemade snacks that your children will adore!

Bread and Jam
The most classic of quick healthy snacks. To be sure your child does not get too much sugar from the jam, you can prepare it yourself during the summer with seasonal fruit.

Fruit Salad
Once you have a suitable container that can hold the fruit salad, preparing one can be extremely easy. This way, your children can enjoy a healthy and seasonal snack made with natural foods. Remember to make the fruit salad as colorful as possible, as it will seem more attractive and yummy.

Homemade Biscuits
Store-bought cookies can contain a huge amount of sugar and be extremely unhealthy. Bake the cookies yourself, and use natural foods and ingredients to sweeten them: choose honey or brown sugar instead of the regular one. Make cute personalized cookies, and your children will enjoy eating them even more!

Dry biscuits like crackers are much easier to bake than you would expect. You can add spices to change the flavor and create new combinations of ingredients each time. Instead of using palm oil (often used in store-bought ones) you can choose to use extravirgin olive oil. Salted dry biscuits are inexpensive and easy to bake; you can store them for days in a dry place.

I hope you found this list of healthy snack ideas useful. If you have your own recipe, do not forget to tell me below in the comments!

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