Mrc Logo Meditation Relax Club is a world wide music label, mother of hundreds of top selling albums across countless nations, which can boast a proud catalog capable of satisfying the musical needs of the most avid and demanding New Age enthusiasts.

The music released by us and our partners, can also be found on YouTube with a channel that has gained over 600k followers across the years. On this platform we provide a sample of the content that is produced by our artists in order to awaken positive feelings in those who choose to enjoy it.

We are proud to say that we are in touch with the audience on a daily basis through our health and lifestyle blog, appreciated and followed by thousand lovers of meditation, relaxation techniques and living: the perfect place where you can search for useful advice on how to improve your quality of life, and promote positive thinking. There is no lack of interesting news, of tips to enter our world of wellness and personal care!

More channels have stemmed from the main one, each one of which was tailored to suit a specific need from our public. Meditate within an oriental atmosphere lost in the asian vibes of Buddha Tribe, fall asleep with the gentle notes of Sleep Music Relax Zone, lay back through the enticing ambience of Chillout Lounge Relax and live your most intimate moments with Sensual Music Club. All together these channels reach the amazing audience of more than 1 million of subscribers!

We are always looking for healthy dialogue possibilities with our followers and potential business partners, being very present on social media, spreading our lifestyle through our Facebook page. Look for us on Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, too.

Where did it all start? Meditation Relax Club was born from the brilliant minds of two young Italian composers and producers, who began from being just simple artist that loved experimenting with nature sounds and electronic music. They eventually managed to turn their passion into a business venture that was set to amaze an international audience; their philosophy still permeates all the music that is born under the influence of the Meditation Relax Club label.

One of the top-selling iTunes album producers in the world, the artistic duo draws from classical relaxation music influences like Liquid Mind and new age stars as Enya, Vangelis, the Greek Pianist Yanni and Ludovico Einaudi. The aim of the Meditation Relax Club music project is to provide a sublime state of relaxation and guide those who practice meditation through a path of positive thinking. The main characteristic of the music is the use of simple harmonies, created by using piano, flute, guitar and oriental instruments combined with real sounds of nature, recorded in some of the most suggestive and evocative places of Italy. A journey through the endless hills of Tuscany, the sound of waves crushing on the Mediterranean coast and the high snow-capped peaks of the Dolomites. Meditation Relax Club promotes also studio experiences for the study of mind process through the use of binaural beat and delta, beta and gamma waves, to improve brain power.

And this is just the beginning of our journey! We’re going to grow more and more with your help, while constantly looking forward to continue giving you the best of us.