How Blueberries Can Actually Help You Getting Over Emotional Trauma

How Blueberries Can Actually Help You Getting Over Emotional Trauma

Nature can help us overcome adversities in so many different ways. Recent studies have proven that  it can also aid us in overcoming strong emotional trauma.

A great number of fears and traumas have a strong effect on our psyches; they render us unable to understand, almost carrying us in a concealed chamber in time and space where only terror prevails. We are surrounded by emotional instability and uncertainty, and this uncertainty surrounds us when we least expect it, and we have nothing we can do about it. This is what living with emotional trauma can be like.

Your typical treatment for PTSD and emotional trauma would usually just be antidepressants, manmade pills that affect our body. However, good news come from the University of Louisiana, as its researches have proven that blueberries can help you fight this unpleasant condition. Blueberries, as we have many times before stated, are packed with antioxidants and vitamins making them great for your heart and arteries. And this high concentration of antioxidants might just be what makes them so special and useful to treat anxiety.

benefits of eating blueberries

Lets look more closely at the experiments that were carried out: a group of rodents was exposed to felines and experienced great stress. Their normal biorhythm was disrupted, and their sleep cycle was irregular, showing that they were facing strong emotional trauma. The rodents were divided in two groups, one of which was regularly given blueberries to eat. The animals that ate the fruits were shown to recover more quickly from the trauma.

But how does it work, how to get over trauma with blueberries? Its not just the benefits of blueberries, but its really the antioxidants contained inside. The amazingly high amount of this compound has the capacity of influencing the production of serotonin, positively affecting hormones and neurotransmitters and acting as a natural antidepressant. All without the negative effects of chemically crafted pills or medicines!

In case this experiment has matching results in human test subjects, we might be facing a breakthrough in medical science, and we could get a more clear understanding of how our brain works and how PTSD can affect it. Nature can help us treat anxiety, and overcome both physical and emotional pain. One more reason to eat a healthy snack once in a while!