How To Avoid Procrastination: Tips on Managing Your Time

How To Avoid Procrastination: Tips on Managing Your Time

Managing your time productively can be very fruitful. These tips on how to avoid procrastination can help you out if you have a hard time respecting deadlines.

Why do some people have such a hard time respecting deadlines, and why do they seem to have a gift for avoiding workloads by finding more interesting and amazing ways to use their time? Well, science seems to have given an answer to that.

Seems that the answer can be found in dopamine, the chemical compound that causes wellbeing and hilarity. When watching a funny video, we produce dopamine and our brain is happy; this, my friends, is the secret behind procrastination.

Procrastination makes us feel good for a while. Then everything tumbles down and feel bad. For many of us, however, the unavoidable consequences of our unhealthy time management are not enough to break our nasty habits.

But how do you stop procrastination? Here are some simple time management tips you can try using in order to use your time correctly.

Do not think your workload is larger than it really is. Imagining your task as something big will only make it seem the more impossible to carry out. Stop worrying about how you will do it, and just start doing what you must!

Do things gradually. Set an objective that you must meet, even a small one is ok. Create little deadlines and follow them one by one. Once you start and meet the first achievements, everything will flow smoothly.

Take decisions. Stop thinking and start acting. Every time you advance you are giving yourself a sign: “I am a confident person that knows hot to act and is not afraid to do so”.

Avoid distractions. You can’t procrastinate if you do not have the methods to do so, am I right? To stop procrastination, switch off mobile phones, internet and social networks. There are special locks you can install to block you from using websites or programs that make you lose time.

Think positively. Try thinking about what you will obtain once you are done. If by procrastinating you are happy for a while and miserable in the long run, by doing your work you will achieve your results and feel accomplished

Reward yourself. Once you are done with work, reward yourself accordingly to the effort you put into it. Reach goals, and reward yourself every time.

We hope you can find these tips on how to avoid procrastination useful. Make good use on your time, and do not let distractions get the best of you.
Now get right back to work!