How To Be A Morning Person – Wake Up In A Good Mood!

How To Be A Morning Person – Wake Up In A Good Mood!

Not everybody is born a morning person, but anybody can become one! Find out how to change your grumpy morning routines into good mood ones.

There are two types of people in this world: those that wake up in a good mood, and those who don’t. If you are part of the latter group, your early hours of every day may seem unproductive and may put you into a bad mood. If you believe, just like I once did, that morning people are creepy and unnatural, try becoming one of us. Even if you were not born like one it does not mean that you can’t become one!
Being a morning person has its up sides: they have been proven to be happier, nicer, more productive and less prone to depression. However, transforming oneself in a night riser is not an easy task. You don’t just wake up someday and find that you are one of us. To be like us, you must adopt our habits: so here are 6 ways to wake up in a good mood and become a morning person!

1. Early To Bed, Early To Rise

The fact that you wake up and wish to stay in bed more by hitting that sweet snooze button may be a clear indicator of the fact that your body needs more sleep to feel regenerated. Try going to sleep earlier, and avoid overstimulation in the hours before that – no TV, no mail, no exercise. The next morning you will notice if you were actually sleeping too little before.

2. Switch Off Your Phone

Turn off all electronics as soon as you enter your bedroom. This is a place for sleeping and for darkness! To your brain, light means that it is time to wake up; staring at your screen will disrupt your natural rhythm and wake you up.

3. Wakeup Light

Wake up to some light – even if artificial! The best choice would be to wake up to to natural light, but not everybody wants or needs to get up at dawn, do they? If that is your case, you can use an artificial wakeup light, that is to say an alarm with an integrated light that gradually increases the light in your bedroom as you approach your wakeup time.

4. No Booze

Nothing worse in the morning than having a hangover. It turns out, however, that even a little amount of alcohol can influence your sleep in a negative way. When drunk even in modest amounts, it can cause disruption of your sleeping patterns and make you wake up exhausted.

5. Respect Your Schedule

The secret to wake up in a good mood is staying true to your schedule. Having some habits reduces the negative effects of stress and helps our body set into their natural rhythm.

6. Exercise

There are countless reasons to exercise, and I am not going through each one of them. The one reason that interests us in regards to this article is that by exercising a couple of hours every week you will have better quality of sleep and you will feel more rested when you wake up. People that do sports regularly report less tiredness in respect to those that do not!

Here you go! 6 tips on how to be a morning person and change your grim morning into positive ones! Follow them, and you will never experience the bitterness of waking up not in a good mood ever again.