How To Be More Organized: 5 Simple Life Hacks

How To Be More Organized: 5 Simple Life Hacks

How To Be More Organized: 5 Simple Life Hacks

Many people don’t like staying organized. It requires commitment, and takes time. However, once you get the hang of it, life becomes so much easier.

To truly be organized, you need to manage your time, your spaces and appointments. Only by finding balance between all of these, you will be able to become more efficient and reduce your stress and anxiety levels. So, be more organized! Here are 5 simple life hacks to help you:

Give Everything its Place

Start by organizing what you own. First of all, focus on your bedroom: go through every item, and determine if they all have a reason to be there. Get rid of everything that has no longer use or need, for example old school books that you will never read again. Organize your desk, and create a mental map of where to put everything. Respect those guidelines every time you need to put something away.


Keep Only What you Truly Need

Throw away things you don’t need. Every couple of months, go through your belongings and pick out a thing you don’t use anymore to give away. Be organized, and each time you decide to buy something new, give something old to charity. Remember to stay away from big sales and bargains when you don’t need new clothes!

Create Schedules

Follow simple time management tips: get a small calendar, and hang it in a place that you will look at everyday. I like to place mine besides the fridge! Write there all appointments or meetings. Finally, if you want you can take it to the next level by buying a whiteboard where to write your to-do-list. It may be short term, or long term: cross out everything you have accomplished or finished! It will give you a wonderful sense of completion.

Delegate Tasks When Needed

Don’t take it among yourself to complete even the work of others. If you live with other people, teach them how to be organized! Delegate and distribute the workload when needed, and make sure everyone does their share in order to keep the common spaces clean and tidy.

Reward Yourself

Finally, don’t forget to reward yourself once you are done. Give yourself motivation to be more organized by treating yourself good every time you finish an important task. Just don’t forget to clean up once you’re done having fun!


That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this short list of simple life hacks and time management tips. May it be of use if you were looking for a way to be more organized in the future!