How To Beat The January Blues

How To Beat The January Blues

Christmas is over, New Year’s celebrations have passed and now you’re feeling rather down. Getting a case of the January blues is perfectly normal. It’s miserably outside, you’re waiting for your next payday to come and the days are dark and long. We’ve put together some ways to cheer up and beat depression this January.

Stay Active

One of the best ways to kick the January blues, let alone depression, is to stay active! Organise an activity once a week with your friends or family. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

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It can be anything from walking your dogs together, throwing a frisbee around or even horse riding. It’s the new year, so why not try something new and make some memories with your friends!

Get Excited for the Year Ahead

January can feel like a waiting period. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Think of the year ahead, all the possibilities and adventures ahead. Reflect on the positivity that will come into your life to instill feelings of hope and joy into your soul.

You can do this through meditation, by simply sitting in a peaceful place, closing your eyes and playing non-distracting music like white noise or nature sounds. Also think about what you’ve accomplished in 2015. What great things did you do? What times of happiness did you have? What made you grow?

Get Cooking

We may be a little heavier after the Christmas season; with delicious Christmas dinner, treats and booze no one can blame you for indulging yourself. 2015 was a long year and we all need a break. But let’s snap back to reality, new year new you, right?

There are a ton of wonderful recipes out there that you can drool over and have some fun making. Plus, cooking I find is the most rewarding hobby, having cooked something well and then getting to eat it. You can include these flu fighting foods into your diet to scare off the common cold too. Now that’s one of the best ways to find happiness!

Take up Yoga

Yoga has plenty of physical benefits, from contributing to weight loss, boosting your immune system and muscle building to mention a few. But yoga also has multiple mental health benefits, proven to help beat depression and ease anxiety. You also don’t have to pay for classes as you can learn yoga from your own home!

All you need is a mat, comfortable clothing, music and hey presto! Yoga time! You can find Yoga tutorials all over the internet, and basic poses aren’t difficult to achieve.


So don’t count the days until February begins, embrace the calm time that is January. Use this time to grow, start a new hobby, reflect and look forward to 2016! Happy New Year to everyone reading this article! May your 2016 be full of positivity, good health and happiness.