How To Become a Runner: Even If You Hate Running!

How To Become a Runner: Even If You Hate Running!

Running in the morning has a lots of benefits, but not everyone likes it. People usually either love it or cringe at the only though of it. Here are some good tips to help you become a morning runner!

Hitting the ground and running in the early morning is not something all of us are able to do. Or is it? With the right tips and amount of motivation, everyone can go out and run each day! Did you know? Just five minutes of running a day could add as much as two years to your life span, and significantly decrease the risk of stroke and heart diseases. So here is the advice you need to follow to get your groove on in the morning and actually enjoy it!

Start by Walking

Start by going slow. If you don’t want to run from the start, you don’t need to. Its OK to start with the walk before run method, in fact, it can help you reduce injuries, especially during a morning run. Alternate a minute of running and two minutes of walking once you have warmed up – repeat this pattern while running for longer. To cool down, end your workout with a 10 minute walk.

Find a Buddy

You don’t have enough motivation by yourself? Find someone that can provide that motivation for you! Running in the morning with a buddy is good because it creates accountability. You will be much more willing to get out of the door at 6:00AM if there is someone out there waiting for you!

Off the Road

Concrete is hard and it leads to many injuries – plus there are more cars if you run by the road. Try running on a dirt trail rather than on a busy road.

Comfortable Shoes

The shoes don’t make the runner! You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on special shoes right from the start. Just wear what you consider to be most comfortable and that fits you well.

Set Goals

Setting a goal to work towards will help you improve by reminding you that you have to work to achieve it. Enter a race or a marathon 10 weeks from now, and find yourself striving to meet the goal you have to meet!

Running Motivational Music

Experts say that self motivation can be given by an upbeat sound. Here is some running motivational music to help you!

I hope you found these tips on how to become more active useful! Remember that the benefits of running in the morning will be ripe in the years to come, so start as soon as possible.