How To Boost Self Confidence: Fall in Love With Who you Are in Minutes

How To Boost Self Confidence: Fall in Love With Who you Are in Minutes

We have all struggled with low self esteem at some point in our lives. We are not immune to insecurity and uncertainty – but here are some simple ways you can deal with these negative feelings.

My low self esteem is very situational. It can hit when I least expect it, and to get back up I need some help. If you suffer from panic attacks and you need to boost confidence before speaking in public or a discussion, try out these simple tricks that you can carry out in just a few minutes:


Practicing mindfulness meditation can be very helpful if you suffer from low self esteem. It helps you access your problems from a faraway place, and from there you are able to rethink their importance and how much they mind you. Place yourself and your situation in a detached perspective!

A Confident Pose

Striking a pose can not only make you improve your performance, but also boost your confidence! Work for yourself, and let your body language speak for you. Before an interview or a speech, practice your pose for a couple of minutes and lower your stress levels.

Sit Up

Sitting straight up improves your physical and mental health. Its good for your posture, sure, but scientists also claim that it can affect the likelihood of believing your own thoughts.


Your physiology affects your emotions more profoundly of what you would believe. Smiling, for example, not only makes you seem more attractive and successful, but also helps releasing endorphins that lower your blood pressure. Go on and read the last tip on how to be more confident!

Be Wary of Threats

There are many things that may influence you negatively while you are trying to boost your confidence. Among these, the worst of all can be negative people. Surround yourself with positive, supportive individuals that know how to keep morals high!

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to boost self confidence. May they be of help when you need them the most!