How to Defeat Spring Fever: Ways to Fight Chronic Tiredness

How to Defeat Spring Fever: Ways to Fight Chronic Tiredness

Are you having trouble regulating your sleeping pattern as of late? If in the last weeks you feel like you have suffered of chronic tiredness, reading this article might help you out.

We just finished celebrating the Spring Equinox 2015 on March 21st, but it seems that not all of us have awoken to celebrate a new season of sun and life. A strange “disease”, commonly known as spring fever, hits a decent part of the population during this period. People affected by it usually experience symptoms of chronic tiredness including anxiety, persistent bad mood, and trouble following a healthy sleeping pattern. If you feel like you are part of this group, fear not, as there are ways in which you can fight this negative state of mind. Here they are;

Change in diet. As the days become longer, you become more active. Your body knows that it needs more nutrients, and when it does not get them it reacts by making you feel more tiered and weak. When seasons change, make sure to change your diet accordingly; during spring you can enjoy a lot of fresh and healthy produce that was not available during the previous months. Go ahead and munch on some fruit during the day to boost your vitamin intake!

Cover up when you go out. You wake up, you see the sun shining outside, and you feel as if you can dress lighter that usual. So you had towards the closet and choose a coat that has not been used since the previous change of season, right? Big mistake there, friend. The air is still cold, and the sun only gives an impression of heat. A brief minute outside in the cold can lower your body’s defenses and cause you to get sick. Dress up in layers, and be prepared for the sudden temperature variations throughout the day!

Dedicate some time to yourself. Spring is the season of change, of life and of rebirth. Don’t let your sleep pattern be bothered by these changes. Dedicate some time to yourself and fight the chronic tiredness by getting involved in your interests. Be active!

Here is some music from our channel in order to get some better sleep at night. May it be of help to you!

I hope you had a lively Spring Equinox 2015, and that a new season has awoken within you and your spirit. Defeat Spring fever and release your fears and worries!