How To Face Your Fears

How To Face Your Fears

Everybody has fears; big ones, small ones, strange, normal, irrational… But what is the best way of overcoming fears? Do not be afraid, as this article will help you understand.

If you are not able to conquer or overcome your fears, you should at the very least be able to face them. This is what I believe. There is no universal method to do so, as every fear is different and varies to a degree. Just because it is irrational, it does not mean it is to be taken lightly. I, for instance, have an incomprehensible fear of being late that makes no sense to me – imagine others. I guess some people find it peculiar, or even odd, but as I got older I learned to live with it. Think about your fear in a positive way, and not as a handicap.

For example, thanks to my fear of lateness I am sure never to miss a bus or a train. I would rather get out 15 minutes earlier than take the risk of missing my bus. Nothing you can do about it. The same goes for you, people with arachnophobia! The fact that spiders scare you so much means that you will stay as far away as possible from the 8 legged creeps, and that you are less likely to be bitten by one. And I’m looking at you, people who are afraid of heights; you are less likely to suffer injuries from practicing extreme sports.

Make your fear a source of fascination, and learn to love it. After all, it is a part of your being. You can’t expect to suddenly love salted capers if you hated them your whole life. If nobody were afraid of anything, oh, what a boring world would this be. At the very least, recognize your fear as part of yourself, and let yourself be afraid sometimes. The experience can be an opportunity for growth!

I wrote this article base on personal experience, so I hope it could be useful to you. And remember, do not be afraid of being afraid!

  1. Ronja

    I love your approach to fear. It was indeed very helpful for me, because I am very scared of failing my next exams, since I didn’t pass the one before. But looking at that fear as a fascinating thing, something to learn form, is indeed super helpful.
    Thank you!

  2. Lizsara

    Many thanks for posting this article here. You have been providing invaluable information that is learnt only through experience. Let us hope, by sharing all our experiences with each other, we can learn more about this. Thank you.

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