How To Have The Best Day Ever!

How To Have The Best Day Ever!

How To Have The Best Day Ever!

Every now and then we should dedicate ourselves to an entire day where we focus on being happy and enjoying ourselves. You might think this would involve traveling to an exotic location or doing something big and eventful, but in fact some of the best days of our lives are completely unplanned and spontaneous. They are also usually incredibly simple. If you try and recall some great memories you have with people, oftentimes it will involve doing practically nothing but being able to appreciate a moment and have some fun and laughter with friends and family. It’s time to find that positive mindset and get happy, here’s some ideas to get you on your way.

1. Make A Leisurely Breakfast – This is probably best done on a weekend so you can truly enjoy it. Get up early and make your favorite breakfast or get creative with some new recipes. Remember, this is your treat day so you can be as indulgent as you wish.

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2. Spend Time Getting Ready – We all feel better about ourselves when we are confident in our appearance, something we don’t always get the time to put much effort into during the working week. Spend a little extra time getting ready in the morning and pick out an outfit that always makes you feel special or dressed up. Every day in life is a special occasion, don’t keep your nice clothes hidden away!

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3. Get Into A Positive Mindset – Being happy starts with being positive, think about your favorite quote or mantra that uplifts and inspires you and repeat it to yourself a few times. If you can squeeze in a ten minute meditation this will also start your day off in a calm, relaxing way. Tell yourself you’re going to have the best day, it all starts in the mind.

4. Tackle One Task – It might not sound like fun, but the feeling of accomplishment after completing a task you’ve been putting off is worth the work involved. It doesn’t have to be big; get through that pile of laundry, fix the broken handle of your dresser, clear out that random mess drawer, you will feel so much better after it’s done. Then you are free to get on with the rest of your day knowing that you did something productive.

5. Do Your Favorite Things – We all know what things are certain to make us smile, laugh or be happy. Having the best day means filling it with the things we love the most. Watch your favorite movie or tv show, eat your favorite foods, listen to your favorite songs, do what is guaranteed to make your day a great one.

6. Treat Yourself – This is a day where you get to spoil yourself, so think about something that you would like to buy yourself and go for it. Don’t feel like you have to spend a lot of money, buying fresh flowers for yourself or a bottle of fancy wine goes a long way to feeling pampered and gratified.

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7. Spend Time With Loved Ones – The people we love are what make life worth living so a great day is one that is spent with those nearest and dearest to us. Plan an activity or a meal to spend time with friends or family and make new memories together that you can cherish. The best days of our lives are probably the days where we felt loved, looked after and laughed with others. Create days like those and you will find yourself having the best day everyday.

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