How to Improve Concentration: The Best Scientific Tips to Study

How to Improve Concentration: The Best Scientific Tips to Study

Schools around the world have started opening for a new, fresh generation of students. If you are one of them, and are looking for some study tips you can use this year, or you are a worried parent who wants to keep an eye on his son or daughter, check out this list.

Some of us believe that studying smarter is much better than studying longer. But what study tips are scientifically proven to work? Follow our list to find how to improve your concentration and get perfect grades with minimal effort.

Small Study Sessions

Research has shown that study sessions are more effective in small chunks rather than long ones. During the time in between, your brain stores the information and is able to breathe. Instead of cramming your studies in an 8 hour session, you are better off spacing your studies in 30 minutes session over a couple of weeks.

Pulling All Nighters

Ever got to the last day and realized you were out of time to study, and opted for pulling an all nighter? That’s the worst possible choice you could have made: after staying up for more than 24 hours, memory and reasoning may be heavily affected for the four following days.

Flash Cards & Notes

Some people like to study by constantly reading again and again the same information on the page of a book. This can be detrimental, as it can draw your attention to unnecessary data. Try making flash cards by organizing the information you should be memorizing! It will also help to have a specific study goal for each study session.

Have a Sacred Spot for Studying

Research has shown that having a special designated spot for study, well equipped with any tool which you might be needing is the best. Have an awesome study playlist at the ready to improve concentration even more! Here is a playlist of classical studying music that can help you stay focused.

I hope these study tips to improve concentration can be of some use to you during this school year. Good luck with those exams!