How To Improve Your Posture

How To Improve Your Posture

When going through everyday life, even when carrying out the simplest of tasks, maintaining a correct posture can save you unpleasant back pains.

Have you ever reached the end of the day and felt the need of a nice massage to get rid of an unpleasant stiffness in your back? That feeling is the way your body communicates that you are not adopting the right posture. When sitting, when carrying weights around, when preparing dinner: each of these everyday tasks has a correct posture that you have to adopt while doing them.

The following are tips on how to improve your posture and avoid unpleasant back pains. Remember them, and try using them when you notice that the position in which you are standing feels uncomfortable.

1. When Lifting Weights

When you lift weights you are exerting pressure all along your spine. The amount you should carry at once should not be more than 10% of your body weight. If you plan to make a trip to the grocery store and buy a lot of things it would be best if you took the car and used a lot of bags to distribute the weight evenly.

2. When Using Your Tablet or Phone

If you make an extensive use of your smartphone or tablet, these may be the reason for your back pains. When your head is facing down, its weight is placed on your neck. If you keep this position for too long, your posture could be ruined by it.

To avoid sitting this way, lean on the wall or on the back of your chair and place a pillow under your tablet to get it closer to your face. Your neck will not be forced to lean in an unnatural position for you to see it clearly.

3. When Cooking

Make sure that your cooking station is at the correct level. If you need to lean upwards too much when preparing dinner, it may mean that it is not your ideal height. A perfect height for your kitchen counter would be right under your elbows.

If your counter is too high, consider wearing some comfortable and tall shoes when cooking to maintain an upright and correct posture.

4. When Wearing a Shoulder Bag

When carrying around a lot of things, you should avoid placing all of their weight on only one side of your body. Alternatively to using shoulder bags, choose a backpack that can distribute the weight on your whole back.

5. When You Pick Something Up

When you lean without adopting the right posture, all of your weight suddenly shifts on the upper part of your neck and back. Experts say that it is the easiest way to hurt your back.

To avoid exerting pressure on your neck, lean down by bending your knees and keep your back straight.

I hope you will find these tips on how to improve your posture useful. Remember: never overexert pressure on your back if you are already feeling pain, and avoid sudden movements!