How to Live A Life Without Regrets

How to Live A Life Without Regrets

We always hear that the best way to live life happily is to live without regret, but in practise it’s much harder than you would think. Regret can be anything from ordering the wrong lunch to losing contact with a once close loved one. To lead a life without regrets can be tough, especially if you don’t know where to start. Taking baby steps is the key to starting any change of thinking.

No one can completely live without regret, but there are certain thoughts you can practise and philosophies you can hold that make the regret you feel minimal. Below i’ve listed several steps to help you live a life without regrets, and start living a positive life sooner rather than later!

Allow Yourself to Feel

Showing emotion is often associated with weakness: well this “theory” is false. Those who are unafraid to express their true feelings and emotions are braver than those who don’t. But they’re also happier! I’m not entirely encouraging you to have a full-blown mental breakdown in the middle of the grocery store, but if you need to, just do it. Bundling your emotions and stuffing them down isn’t healthy for your mind.

A lot of time the feelings we have or the anxiety we have surrounding problems are often created in our heads. Feeling worried? Talk to someone. When we express our inner thoughts they don’t seem so daunting, and it’s incredibly relieving for the mind and soul.

Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

A lot of us over-think, over-analyze our life paths, our plans, our reputation. It’s time to let go. In order to live a happy life it’s important to loosen up a bit! Don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t take jokes about you too personal and remember to have fun!

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Changing your attitude is the hardest part when trying to change your outlook on life; not only are you used to thinking this way but you are comfortable with thinking this way too. Luckily, there are ways to change your outlook on life and think more positively.

Learn from the lessons of life

This is one great way turn a negative experience into a positive experience. Bad things happen and we get hurt, it’s just another part of life and we can’t control that. But what we can control is our way of thinking. Start looking for the good in the bad; take each negative experience as a stepping stone to becoming a wiser and knowledgeable person.  a life without regrets, lessons of life, live without regret, live a happy life, best way to live life happily,

This way the bad experiences aren’t seen as regrets, but more like lessons of life. Something to learn and grow from.

Remember to tell your loved ones you love them

In the midst of our daily routine, from working 9 to 5, looking after our family, general life responsibilities this is something we forget to do. Ask yourself. When was the last time you told your partner/friend/parents/grandparents you love them? This is something so small, but so important to tell people, and we just forget to do it.

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Now this may seem a little morbid but one of the biggest regrets people have while grieving is not telling the person who may have passed or has moved away how much they loved them. Plus, it puts a smile on their faces!

Follow Your Dreams

A philosophy I have always believed in is to follow your dreams. Do what makes you happy and aim to do it for a living. Having a dream doesn’t necessarily mean that we all have to aim to be Beyoncé (although we all kind’ve wish we were Beyoncé), but it means that no matter how big or small your dream is you should aim for it!

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Dreams do come true, but unfortunately not that easily. Work towards a goal, something you’ve always wanted. Like that dream holiday, ask that girl out or go for that promotion at work. Because you only have one life so make the most of it!

Take Time Out to Reflect

Reflection can do so much for us; reflection allows us to get in tune with our emotions, our deepest thoughts, our body. Meditation has been renowned as an ideal way to reflect. It helps us clear our heads of the chaotic static that typically occupies our mind.

Once a week, take half an hour or an hour to reflect on the week. Reflect on the people in your life, the relationships you have with them. Reflect on your job, the work you’ve been doing. Step back and look at life. Ask yourself. Am I happy with this? Reflection is key to a life without regrets, it works as a preventative measure more than a solution.

I hope these tips helped! I’ll leave you with this: everyone deserves to live a happy life, and when we look back on our lives it’s important to know that everything, even the bad things have made you what you are now. It’s a very empowering feeling when you think about what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve overcome. So think about that and start living a happier life now.