How To Overcome Low Self Esteem And Gain Confidence + #MondaySongs

How To Overcome Low Self Esteem And Gain Confidence + #MondaySongs

How To Overcome Low Self Esteem And Gain Confidence + #MondaySongs

In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.”

We all have days where we hate something about ourselves. Whether our hair won’t do what it’s supposed to, our jeans fitted a little too tightly that morning, or we can’t seem to do anything right, bad days where our self confidence goes out the window are a given in life. The real problem, however, arises when those bad days, where we have really low self esteem and a poor self image, start to outweigh the good days, when we feel great in our skin and comfortable with who we are.


Low self esteem is an all too common occurrence in society, and it is only made worse by the media’s portrayal of what a ‘perfect’ man or woman should look like. The projected ideals of our appearance as dictated by what we read and watch in magazines, on television and via online platforms, gives us little hope that we will ever live up to such unrealistic expectations. With society reinforcing these archetypes by constantly criticising and comparing one another, it is not hard to see why so many people desperately need to increase their self esteem and learn how how to love themselves.

Of course to ‘fix’ such matters isn’t an easy task, to change something that resides stubbornly in your mind takes time, patience, and a lot of work. If you truly believe you’re not good enough, changing yourself so that you think you are will take a big commitment on your behalf. You have to really want to achieve self contentment, happiness, and confidence and pursue a positive self image with gusto. Once you’ve made the decision that you are ready to change your mindset for the better, the rest of the process will be so much simpler. Here are some steps towards reaching that goal.

1. Cut Out The Negative Language

Step one is to stop using negative words about yourself. As soon as you can sense you’re about to criticise yourself about anything, just say ‘STOP!’ (it doesn’t have to be out loud) and replace those thoughts with positive, uplifting messages instead. This will take a while to get used to, but make sure to keep at it. Don’t talk down about yourself to other people either, this will only reinforce the negative image you’ve created of yourself and other people will pick up on it and start to believe it too. Talk about yourself as you would someone you loved, not hated.

2. Fake It Til You Make It

This is a popular phrase for a reason, it works! Pretend you love everything about yourself and let others know it too, soon you will have yourself and everyone around you convinced that you are a confident and happy person who knows their self worth. If you are feeling especially down about yourself on a particular day, act doubly hard to seem as though you’ve never felt better. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it in the end if you can manage to get the hang of it.


3. Put Your Best Foot Forward

When you feel confident in what you look like and what you are wearing, you tend to feel more confident overall. Put a little bit of extra time into your morning routine, taking your time getting ready and choosing clothes that you know flatter your body and suit your style. When you present your best version of yourself to the world, it is easier to act as though you are a confident person who has their life together.

4. Look After Your Body

When you start looking after yourself, eating the right foods, and staying active, you automatically start to feel better about yourself. The mere fact that you are making healthier choices and are looking after your physical wellbeing makes you feel like you are in control of your life and your body, making you feel strong and empowered. Stop thinking about all the things you wish you could change about yourself, and instead focus on all of the amazing things our bodies and minds can do.

There is no competition, because nobody can be me.”

5. Try with Meditation

Self esteem and confidence can also be acquired through meditation. If you practice this kind of mental concentration, you’ll know that the mind can make a journey to reach a higher and deeper sense of the self. But sometimes concentration is not easy because of the several worries we have during the day and it’s hard to let them go. Playing some positive music all around your meditation room can be the solution. So you can choose to download this free inspirational and uplifting music to add it in your playlist and use it everytime you want to meditate. The relaxing song below is called “Braveheart” by the artist Soothing Motion, from the meditation music collection “Be Light“, a mix of inspiring and emotional songs to reach happiness and a deep joy.

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