How To Read Hands: Read Your Own Palm With This Simple Palmistry Guide

How To Read Hands: Read Your Own Palm With This Simple Palmistry Guide

Do you believe in hand reading? If you have taken an interest in discovering how to read hands, this simple palmistry guide will help start out.

Lets start with the basics of hand reading. The four main lines that run through your palm are named as follows: the heart line, the head line, the fate line and the life line. Try locating them on your hand by using the picture above as your guideline.

Once you have found them, try to read your own palm. Each of the lines has its meaning, as we will explain below here.

The Heart Line

This line indicates emotional stability, romantic perspectives, depression and cardiac health. A shorter line stands for less interest in relationships. A long and curvy line means that you freely express your emotions. A wavy line indicated that you have many partners, but you lack a serious relationship.

When the heart line touches your life line, your heart is easily broken.

The Head Line

This line represents communication and knowledge. A curved line represents creativity. A straight heart line means that you think rationally. If you have a shorter life line you may prefer physical achievements over intellectual ones.

When this line is separated from the life line, it means you are adventurous.

The Fate Line

Not everybody has this line clearly visible. A deep life line indicates that you are a person strongly controlled by destiny. If this line changes direction and breaks you are prone to changes in your life brought in by strong external forces.

The Life Line

The last line we will talk about is the life line. It is a line that runs near the thumb and travels in an arc towards the wrist; it reflects your well-being, health and life changes. Be careful: its length does not indicate how long your life will be. However, a deep and long health line indicates vitality, while a short and shallow one is found in individuals that are easily manipulated by others.

When your life line swoops around gracefully in a semi-circle, you are a strong and enthusiastic person. When it sticks close to the edge of the palm, you are careful about relationships.

We hope you enjoyed this article on reading hands and our simple palmistry guide. Read your own palm and let us know what your future holds for you!

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    Thanks for the great post. I also think that the lifeline, especially a wide arcing line, indicate our potential energy. It’s the life force resources that we have at our disposal and indicates the likelihood of us succeeding.

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