How to Relax in 4 Steps (Relaxation Techniques)

How to Relax in 4 Steps (Relaxation Techniques)

If it’s been difficult to sleep lately, or if you’ve been more anxious or worrisome, then you may be experiencing a major attack of stress. To regain balance in your mental and physical health you need to learn how to de-stress your life by identifying the sources of stress and practice relaxing your body and mind before you damage your health any further.

Identify Your Stress Points for Mindfulness Exercises

Start by writing down your thoughts.

It’s difficult to relax and begin practicing stress management techniques when you haven’t had time to sit down and understand how you’re feeling at any given moment. Writing down how you feel is a great way to get in touch with yourself and learn just what’s causing the anxiety that’s haunting your every step.

After you’ve written down how you feel you’ll need to come up with a game plan for de-stressing your life. It’s the small things that accumulate over time that usually get to us. So why not begin by developing a list of small things that you can do every single day to sue and relax your mental state. It’s not that difficult as you’ll see in the following examples.

De–Stress Your Mornings

A good place to start bringing sanity and rationality to your life is when you first open your eyes each morning. Try getting rid of that screeching alarm clock that sounds like a World War II air raid siren when it goes off. Replace it with a clock radio that gently wakes you up to the sound of soft music that gradually gets louder.

Another simple but very effective way of managing stress takes place in your morning shower. Try grabbing a handful of your hair is close to your scalp as you can and gently took up to release tension. Then start rubbing your fingers in small circles across your entire scalp to stimulate more blood flow to reduce stress and pain. You’ll emerge from the shower feeling like a new person each and every morning.

Relax in the Afternoon

As the day wears on you’ll need additional stress relieving tools to keep your calm demeanor well into the afternoon.

When things are starting to get particularly intense, find 10 or 15 minutes of quiet time, kicky shoes off and massage your feet. A great deal of stress emanates from your feet and when they are unhappy, the rest of your body isn’t happy either.

Another great stress reliever is to get a midday shoulder and neck massage. If you’re lucky enough to have an employer that provides daytime neck massages that make sure you take advantage of them as often as policy allows. Otherwise, you’ll have to find a nearby spa or massage salon to take care of you during your lunch hour. If you practice is happening today your return to your desk energized and refreshed, but most of all — relaxed.

How to relax your mind: shut out the noise

We’re all constantly bombarded by sensory input every single day. It’s easy to get information overload and stress out because we just can’t handle it all. Maybe it’s your cell phone constantly ringing, or watching television too loudly. It can be your stereo blasting your ears, or just a general noise level of the people around you that’s just too much.

Find 20 or 30 minutes each and every day when you can set and enjoy absolute silence. Guard that time as if it’s the most precious 30 minutes of your life and relish serenity you get by existing in the peace and quiet of it all. It’s only 30 minutes, don’t tell yourself or let others tell you that you can afford to reward yourself with 30 minutes of self guided meditations a day.

That’s the least you can do to maintain control of your mental health. I let you with this peaceful music with nature sounds to better help you find your inner peace against stress and anxiety in life.