How to relieve stress: Sweet stories about the Magic of Music

How to relieve stress: Sweet stories about the Magic of Music

Last week I read a little story that makes me feel good and has inspired me with positive thinkings.

I would like to tell you about it… so take a little time for yourself and put some good music on… –> SLEEP MUSIC & LULLABY FOR BABY

It’s a little sweet story of a mom, her baby… and their encounter with the magic of music.

Here’s the story…

She was walking with her little son along the streets of a new town where they had recently moved.

New town, new friends to meet, husband at work and so, for most of the time they were alone.

A real joy for her to have had this little boy but also a fatigue, lack of sleep and low self esteem as mom…

The days went on all the same, the mind was occupied only by thoughts for the baby’s basic needs: milk, popo, nap time and baby crying.

One fine day she saw in a showcase a flyer of a music lesson for babies of a few months that kept her attention.

She came in a empty and unexpectedly bright room, with some other mothers sitting in a circle with their babies, while in the centre there was Federica, the teacher.

She had in her hands a tuning fork, she found the note and she started to sing a strange sweet song.

Only her voice and then silence, then again music, then silence.

And that was the magic!

Suddenly all the babies stopped, no more crying, no more complaints. With great surprise of their mothers, they seemed to be enchanted by that sound, that sweet voice and the sound of silence that turned the atmosphere even more fairy.

For “our” mom, this children music lesson was like finding something she had had lost for a long time, good feelings and emotional health.

She was spending a precious time with her baby, she was satisfying the “needs of the soul” without forgeting body and mind.

In the frenzy of our modern life, we sometimes need to slow down, to leave out of the door anxiety and hurry.

This little sweet story is not a big adventure, but it has reminded me that a precious moment can be lived in an ordinary town, during an ordinary day… You just need to seize the day or “carpe diem”.

So… for a while… Stop and listen to relaxing sounds, calming music and silence too, this could be one of your relaxation techniques for social anxiety. –> RELAXING MUSIC WITH WHITE NOISE

Don’t forget to dedicate yourself some precious moments to live alone or to share with people we love with serenity and harmony.

Enrich our life!