How to Remain Positive: Approaching Family Problems with a Zen Mind

How to Remain Positive: Approaching Family Problems with a Zen Mind

Living close together can be tolling on relationships if the small everyday problems that arise are not handled properly. Here is how to maintain a zen state of mind in spite of family issues.

Everyday life can be tolling on us, and when we get home we vent and release the stress that has accumulated outside. The equilibrium within our households can thus become very unstable, and the atmosphere can easily get tense and degenerate in a nasty row for the most puny of reasons. When the time comes for us to stay calm, we must seek to adapt a zen state of mind to deal with small family problems in order not to let the situation degenerate. Here are tips on how to remain positive in front of family issues:


We can’t be expected to laugh in front of every problem that arises, but if the situation is not too dramatic you can try and remove tension from everybody just by laughing. Force the ones that surround you in a good mood, or try and get in a good mood yourself if you are not in one. Laughing releases endorphins, the feel-good chemical that boosts morale. Once everybody is feeling more positive, every issue can be approached with more open mindedness and less fighting.

Split the Workload

When something unexpected happens, split up the workload upon the members of your family and make everybody feel included. Nobody should shoulder by himself all the burden.

Approach Every Issue Separately

Sometimes, when a large problem arises you tend to see every other issue that follows it as huge and impossible to deal with. Just approach every problem separately, and try not to let your mind overload with preoccupation. Keep a zen mind!

Prepare for Plan B

There are times when things come out wrong when you least expect it. As soon as it happens, have a plan B on which you can rely: it can be a friend you can call for favors, or a friendly neighbor. Have someone around that can provide help and be there for you, and do the same for them when they need it. Your circle of friends and trusted ones will grow larger!

I hope these tips on how to approach family problems with a zen state of mind can come in helpful. Just remember how to stay positive and let the negativity wash over you!