How To Start Over And Live An Authentic Life

How To Start Over And Live An Authentic Life

How To Start Over And Live An Authentic Life

We all want to please other people, both the people who are important to us that we don’t want to let down and people that we don’t even know. We lust after things we don’t really need such as flashy cars, designer clothes or the latest smartphone in order to display them to the world, as a symbol of our supposed worth or value. Getting caught up in a rat race for success and trying to get to the top of a corporate ladder, combined with a desire to impress our friends and family can often lead us to a path that we never would have ended up on otherwise.

What happens when we wake up someday and realise that we are surrounded by objects of monetary value, and have achieved financial and professional success but we no longer feel happy or satisfied in our lives? Our life purpose has been swayed by external circumstances that prevented us from following our real interests and this has lead to a feeling of apathy, a disconnection from the life we are leading and who we have become. Don’t be overly concerned, we all question the direction of our lives at some stage but it is never too late to start over, be true to yourself and be authentic. Once you start living an authentic life you will find yourself becoming a much happier person!

Here are a few ways to begin again and try to figure out your life purpose.

Back To Where It All Began – A lot of the answers that you seek can be found by looking back at a time when you were completely yourself and were free to be whoever you wanted to be – your childhood. Remember what it was that you dreamed of becoming, at a time when you never questioned whether it was possible or not. What did you always enjoy doing, excel at, what did you do for fun? Many of those interests will still be there, hidden beneath the years that were spent fostering your new grown up persona. Go back to your roots, remind yourself of who you were and reignite your relationship with the dreamer inside of you.

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Write Down What You Love – Make a list of 20 things that you love doing, that you’re passionate about or have an interest in. It can be anything from hobbies to career prospects, just make sure to be authentic and stay true to yourself when writing the list. When you’ve completed it, read over what you’ve written down. The top 5 items are probably the things that are the most important to you, think about exploring them further.

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Get To Know Yourself – Getting to the root of our true interests and desires takes work, it means spending time finding out who we are. There are many ways to do this, meditation is one way to look inwards and allow our mind to reflect on where we are are and where we want to go. Spend 15 minutes a day in quiet introspection, getting acquainted with your mind with no outside distractions. Another way find your life purpose is simply to try out lots of different things. Take up classes, educate yourself, do evening courses, spend time talking to people about their experiences, travel more and broaden the mind. Open yourself up and the world will start to look like a new and exciting place.

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Living a life that is authentic to one’s self is truly a liberating experience, there is nothing as wonderful as being who we truly are and doing what we truly want in every aspect of our lives. You can pretend to be something you’re not for a short amount of time, but it will catch up with you eventually and when it does the magnitude of living a life not authentic to you will hit you hard. Prevent this from happening by being true to yourself, you are the only person that you really need to please and be happy with in life. Love who you are, love what you do and you will find the right things loving you too.

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