How to Stay Fit during Christmas Holidays

How to Stay Fit during Christmas Holidays

Christmas holiday comes once in a year, people eagerly awaits for it. But how to get fit fast enjoying holidays without worrying about gaining weight, that is the question!

The whole world in this season enjoys feasting the sumptuous booze, the party, cocktails, mince pies, canapés, and lots of chocolates and so on. The list is endless; however, it is also a season of weight gain for those who are figure conscious. Most of the damage is done during and after the Christmas holidays. Average people gain at least 5lbs of weight during the four weeks of Christmas. But with few tips and tricks it is also possible that you stay fit and slim without denying the joy of this festive season.

Christmas Eve Dinner/Christmas Lunch

Replace the calorie hotspots such as canapés, cocktails, etc with some low-calorie food. By doing this you will feel lighter, fresher and healthier even during the party season of your Christmas holidays. You have to be choosy with the canapés, it is also true that canapés with pastry and bread based are unavoidable but you can try an alternative by looking for those who are made from whole grain flour which has lots of fibers. If possible you can also have some balanced or light meal before the event so that you can turn down your calories.

How to Stay Fit: Make Vegetables Your True Friend

Make vegetables your Christmas’s true friend, eat raw crudités. Roast your vegetables this may help to cut down on calories. Don’t dip your roast potatoes and vegetables in fat; instead boil them at least for 10 minutes. Before putting those into oven sprinkle them in low-fat vegetable oil.

Get Fit Drinking Water and Exercising

Sipping water before and between the bites can help in hydration of the body. It neutralizes the inflammatory responses creates from wheat and sugar. Apart from this you must get some exercise; try to go for a walk alone or with friends and family that will keep you active. It will also keep you fit and healthy and you can also get some quality time to spend with your loved ones. To help you I’m posting you some workout music you can ude for your exercises during this Christmas holidays.

Choosing Turkey and Booze

For Christmas, Turkey is a great choice as compared to other red meats. Turkey is low-fat and high in protein and it will also keep your calorie lower. As for some alcoholic drinks everyone knows how calorific these are so you can choose wine or spritzers instead of some beers or calorific drinks. Sugary cocktails are also worst enemy of a slim trim body. However, if possible avoid drinking or watch over your daily calorie intakes. To limit yourself move onto a figure-friendly drink or a diet mixer.

But don’t let your enjoyment hinder by this weight loss programs. The goal of this festive season is enjoyment and fun. Christmas holidays are the time to relax and if you have dieted all the year then maybe you can indulge yourself a bit into it. You will be able to fit in your jeans as long as you continue to be conscious and stick to your weight loss program even after the Christmas, so that it don’t give any long-lasting damage on you.