How to Stay Happy: Learning to Love Yourself

How to Stay Happy: Learning to Love Yourself

When we grow up, we start appreciating ourselves always less. As adults, we lose the sense of self-love that we had as children. Here are 3 ways in which you can get it back.

As a child, I was always spontaneous and never cared about what other people thought. As soon as I  entered the first years of adolescence, I noticed a sudden change. My peers started caring about the opinion of others, and were changing themselves according to it. In no time, we all turned into someone completely different and lost touch with our true interests. I felt empty, and as the years kept on passing by I started to realize that I had forgotten how to stay happy and positive. Learning to love yourself again is something almost all of us have to do once we reach a certain age. I decided to try and find happiness by returning a child.

What can we learn from children? Here are three amazing ways with which kids keep on staying positive: try them out, and learn how easy loving yourself again can be.

Smile Instead of Criticizing Yourself

Children love themselves. They know how to be happy and how they look, they talk, they are. They do not judge and they do not compare with others. As humans, we should all be able to do that; however, as we grow up it becomes a difficult task. We criticize our work, our choices, and second think every action.

The secret to staying positive is to let go of everything and appreciate what you are instead of wishing you were something else. You are perfect, you are special, and you are unique. There is no-one like you, and every little imperfection is what makes you matter.

Speak Your Mind

Children are always honest, because they have still not been taught that being honest is not always right. They speak their mind and question everything, because they have a constant desire to learn and better themselves. As we grow up, we start saying lies because society tells us that its the right thing to do.

Why not give voice to the thought that are inside you? Why should we hide our true self? Loving yourself means also expressing who you are; as an adult, you should be able to do so with respect, showing that you wish other people to trust you and accept who you are.

Play More

As adults, working is a big part of our lives. Work, however, tends to get in the way of things; we give it too much importance and too much space. We should include a little bit of playtime during our lives. Playing can teach you how to stay positive, and create an opportunity to laugh and be creative.

Follow these tips, and go back to being a child. Learning to love yourself again is easy, but you have to take action in order to make it happen. I had a hard time becoming who I am now, but going through with it was worth it: I can look at myself in the mirror, knowing that I love the person that is staring within my eyes.

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