How to Stay Happy: Surrounding Yourself with Positive People

How to Stay Happy: Surrounding Yourself with Positive People

Happiness is contagious; it spreads like a virus, and it affects the lives of those that surround you. Learn how surrounding yourself with positive people can make you positive in return.

Happiness can be spread around, and many studies have proven that there is a relationship between one person’s happiness and the one of other people surrounding her. The same goes for sadness, although it is much less contagious, as negativity can slowly be spread to one person to another. Those that live oppressed by unhappiness are bound to drag us down to their level, cutting away our energy.

This is not only true on a spiritual level, but on a physical one as well. Being positive has many effects on our body, and positive people can enjoy more than one benefit from staying happy. Laughing more often improves your heart heath, makes you look more attractive and lowers the levels of stress hormones in your bloodstream. A good reason to laugh every time you can!
In conclusion, if you want to be happy and keep on being positive, avoid negative people that can only see the bad side of things. Remember them that every cloud has its silver lining, and that experience and wisdom comes from challenges.

Try surrounding yourself with positive people, that can make you enjoy life and teach you how to stay happy. Be mindful, and keep on sharing the positivity yourself.


  1. Laila

    Great advice: difficult practising sp for the naturally inclined to pessimisn &morose

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