How to Stop Negative Thoughts: 5 Short Inspirational Quotes

How to Stop Negative Thoughts: 5 Short Inspirational Quotes

Keeping a positive mind can prove to be difficult without the correct positive thinking exercises. Here we will reveal the methods to replace negative thoughts and live a happier life.

Not being able to think positive is not that bad. You can analyze life from different perspectives and it can allow you to think out of the box. Sometimes, however, it just gets out of control and you wished you had more of a positive mind. You start wondering how to stop negative thinking and replace your negative thoughts with more light hearted ones. The methods to do so are countless, but we will now illustrate the best ones.

1: Recognize what makes a True Negative Thought

Start up by putting a label on every thought you make. Divide them into two clear sides: positive and negative. Then, start taking notice of when you formulate the latter. Does someone or something stimulate you in creating a negative state of mind? Can you avoid making negative thoughts when you get in these situations? Start by replacing negative thoughts with more positive ones once you pinpoint their origin!

2: Positive Thinking Exercises

Make a list of fun things to do and let yourself have at least one of those things a day. It can be as simple as getting an ice-cream or listening to some music, but the thought of a reward approaching can be very appealing and lets you keep a positive mind during the day. Experiment with these types of positive thinking exercises and see which reward works out the best.

3: Constant Physical Exercise

Exercising just your mind can often not be enough. Physical activity can help you release built up stress and get your heart pumping, shifting your emotions and helping you reach a calm state of mind at the end of the day. Just try riding a bike to work instead of taking your car for a week and feel if it makes a change for you.

4: Do it Anyway

Stop wondering about the consequences and planning out things too much. Learn how to live the moment and don’t get down when things do not go as you expected. It’s just a new adventure: treat it like it’s something exciting, not an annoyance.

5: Change your Daily Routine

Getting stuck in the same old daily routine can be bad for you. Get creative and start meeting new people and changing your routine: negative thoughts are less likely to get a hold on you as you will be busy making new experiences with a positive mind!

Hope you enjoyed our advice on how to stop negative thinking and you will make treasure of these small but important suggestions on how to stay positive.