How To Stress Less: 7 Ways to Relieve Stress

How To Stress Less: 7 Ways to Relieve Stress

Stress is different for everybody; some of us develop it more easily than others, and have more trouble dealing with it. Here are 7 good ways to relieve stress.

Stress is very individual, and each one of us experiences it in a different way. However, everybody needs some tips when it comes to having to relieve stress and getting back to enjoy the little things without worries. Here are 7 ways to vent off and to prevent anxiety from gaining too much power in our lives.

Manage Your Time

If you are stressed about time management and organizing your schedule, start writing down flexible little routines every day. Remember that your schedule does not have to be rigid, and create short lists of what you need to do and buy so that you do not overthink about it in the future. Personally, I have taken up the habit of jotting down things on my phone; this way I always have what I need to remember at hand!

Laugh Often

Laugh out loudly and proudly! Do not be afraid to express happiness; laughing releases endorphins and improves your mood and overall health. It also reduces the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine, other than being a help against physical pain.


Mindful meditation is all about helping you gain inner peace and observing your problems from afar. Try being mindful, and clearing your mind to a blank slate while doing it. Be aware of what is truly important, and do not overthink what you don’t need.

Enjoy Nature, Stay Active

I put these two tips together, as being active can be so much more useful when you do it outdoors enjoying nature. Spending time outside is a natural antidepressant, and sports improve your health and relieve anxiety. A win win situation, right? One more reason to go out now that spring has just started!

Be Creative

Allow yourself to express what you feel through art and creativity. You do not have to be an artist to do so; just take up a small hobby through which you can create something that you can call truly yours. In time you will get better. Some of us paint, draw, sing, or dance. Just writing your thoughts on a journal is enough!

Good Sleep

People that do not get at least 7 hours of sleep per night are much more prone to being in a bad mood and stressing out over nothing because they do not have the attenction and concentration to deal with small challenges. Make sure you sleep enough every night: if you ever need it, you can use the relaxing music from our channel to help you get some good sleep.

Enjoy the Little Things in Life

Appreciate what life has to offer, and what you can gain from every experience. Even bad events are positive in some way, as you will grow thanks to them. Every cloud has its silver lining: never forget that!

I hope you found these tips on how to stress less useful, and that they can in some way be of help in the future. Raising your quality of life often takes little to no thought, just a couple of precautions that will surely pay out in the end.

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    Great list of how to relieve stress. Meditation and getting enough sleep are on the top of my list.

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