How To Use Visualisation Meditation To Achieve Your Goals

How To Use Visualisation Meditation To Achieve Your Goals

How To Use Visualisation Meditation To Achieve Your Goals

Visualisation techniques can be used in meditation to get you closer towards achieving particular goals that you have in mind. This method of visualising success and achievement does not need to remain strictly a meditative practice, you can also start incorporating it into your everyday life by thinking about what you would like to accomplish for yourself and picturing how you will go about reaching those goals. When you start to use visualisation exercises with regularity you will become re-motivated in life and you will feel a brand new energy come over you, bringing with it lots of positive change and renewal.


If you want to get started with this technique, first you must decide what it is that you want to achieve from your visualisation meditation sessions. The more focused the goal, the better the results. An example of something you might want to try and achieve is a healthy body. Have a strong image in your head of how you might look and feel when your body is in peak physical condition and you can start working towards implementing the necessary changes to make it possible.

Once you are set upon your desired goal, you can start the visualisation exercises. Below is a number of steps to help you along with the process, but you can tailor it however you like and do what feels most affective and most comfortable to you.

Step 1: Bring the goal to the fore of your mind. Remind yourself what it is exactly that you would like to achieve, and why it is so important that you do so. Maybe it will make your life easier, improve your standard of living, or make you feel good about yourself, whatever it is remember exactly WHAT you want to do and WHY you want to do it.

Step 2: Now it’s time to reinforce the goal. Keep the goal in mind and start to think about it over and over, imagining the success that comes with it and how great you will feel once it is accomplished. Picture yourself having come out on top, championing each task along the way that brought you to this place of triumph. Once you can imagine a positive outcome, you will build your confidence and start to believe you have the ability to pull anything off.


Step 3: After you have visualised your goal and imagined yourself successfully achieving it, you will now want to incorporate some positive and reaffirming exercises into your meditation. Close your eyes, sit in your preferred meditation position, and start to inhale deeply and exhale slowly, taking in big breaths of air each time. As you breathe in, imagine the air is filled with happiness and positivity, making you feel calm and relaxed, and as you breathe out imagine you are releasing all of your negativity, worries and doubts. Let the confidence you need to achieve your goals circulate around your body, and let all of your concerns leave you.

Step 4: The final step is to bring that calmness and confidence that you built throughout the meditation with you into your daily life. You have visualised success and you now know what you are capable of, so it just needs to be put into practice. Divide your goal into mini goals and start actively pursuing them, calling upon the visualisation meditation whenever you start to lose motivation. Every time you take even the smallest step in the right direction, use that feeling of accomplishment to spur you on to the next task until you start achieving greatness.

Once you picture yourself as a happy, successful and high achieving person, it will automatically feel like a real possibility. The mind is a powerful tool so use it to it’s best advantage and you can start to think things true in no time.