How to Wake Up Early in the Morning

How to Wake Up Early in the Morning

Morning people are difficult to understand; they are able to wake up at 7am and be happy about it, the lucky bunch. Here are some ways in which you can try and look like them, and wake up happy in the morning.

I am not a morning person. Never been, never will be. However, I can try to become as similar to one as possible, and mitigate the effects that slumber has in the early hours as soon as I wake up. How? By following the 5 tips that I will list below, you can try and get in a good mood from the early morning, and wake up happy without being cranky during your breakfast (or during traffic time, ugh)!

Switch Off Electricity

In order to wake up happy and fresh, you must have a good quality of repose during the night. Remember to switch off all electrical devices (such as tablets and phones) before heading to bed. That way you will not be tempted by using it in case you wake up during the middle of the night.

Wake Up to Light & Sunshine

When your body is woken up by sunshine glowing through your window, it receives a message to stop the flow of melatonin (the hormone that makes you sleepy) and to start your morning routine. If you are worried about the sun disturbing you in early hours, you can buy an eye mask.

Do Not Use a Snooze Alarm

We’ve all been there. Who hasn’t hit the snooze button at least once or twice in their lives? Your brain is awake just enough to understand that it can go back to bed by tapping that sweet sweet snooze. However this messes with our sleep cycle, and it makes you more tiered than if you would have straight woken up in the first place. How can you fix that? Just buy an alarm clock without the snooze function, and make your brain understand that it has to wake up or you are going to be late. Shock therapy if you will. However, it works!

Put On Some Music

Putting on some music will put you in a good mood for obvious reasons. You get in a rhythm, and if it is upbeat it will help you stay awake. Try turning up the music once you are fully awake, and choose your favorite songs so that you can associate them with positive feelings with which to start the day. Make a wake up music playlist and use it!

Drink Water (or lemon water!)

I just recently wrote an article for this. Drinking lemon water is great for your body, also because it helps you stay hydrated from the get go in the morning! It is essential that you provide your body with fluids that it has lost during sleep, so that it does not feel cranky and tiered.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to wake up early in the morning. Wake up happy and in a good mood, and the rest of the day is going to flow by in a breeze!