Is Meditation Affected by What We Eat?

Is Meditation Affected by What We Eat?

Is Meditation Affected by What We Eat?

What does eating have to do with meditation?

Actually, food and meditation work well together and they allow your body and your brain to stay active.

Every kind of food you eat has a spiritual and energetic impact on our body, mind and spirit. Since the dawn of time, food has always played two fundamental roles: one physical and one spiritual. So, having a good nutrition brings enormous effects on your overall well-being and performance (mostly on your brain, the most complex organ in the body!).

Do you know the term coined in the tech industry Garbage in, garbage out?

It could be applied to your brain and body too: your brain needs more than twenty percent of daily energy intake and, because of this, the foods you consume (and you don’t) greatly affect your brain’s functioning, including everything from learning to memory to emotions. Your brain needs a good nutrition to function optimally and to allow you to be comfortable with yourself.

So, is meditation affected by what we eat? Of course!

Poor nutrition leads to an increase of toxins in our bodies that cause the mind to become dull, but if you combine the right diet with meditation, your focus will become stronger. Being careful about what you eat and drink, you will likely be surprised from benefits that your choices bring. Your general health also contributes to improving your meditation skills, so you should be aware of what is beneficial to health and adjust your lifestyle.

Your body is a temple: when you give little regard to what you do and how you treat your temple, the results will be poor. When you are getting good nutrition, you can draw the energy you require for whatever you are doing easily and effortlessly. The food we eat definitely has enormous effects on body, mind and emotions, which in turn affects our meditations. Wise regulation of food and the other basic drives is an important part of a foundation for meditation.

When you eat slowly, carefully, and thoughtfully, you’ll begin to experience food differently than you ever have. Eating with presence and being 100% aware of what it is you’re eating is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself everyday. If you meditate, mindful eating is the perfect way to continue your meditative practice. An enormous effect of this is that you will find you have given your stomach the chance to realize it’s full. In fact, you may find yourself eating less because slowing down gives your body time to signal fullness to your brain.

You will be surprised at how much better your experience with food will be when you approach eating as you approach meditating. You will find enjoyment in taking the time to relax and eat slowly. You’ll look forward to being able to experience the beauty mealtimes offer.

Your body will repay you with satisfaction and peace of mind that comes from living mindfully.