Learning To Love Yourself: Building Self Esteem In 10 Easy Steps

Learning To Love Yourself: Building Self Esteem In 10 Easy Steps

Self appreciation is the value that we are able to attribute to ourselves. We live in order to love who we are, and to better the person that we were before today. Building self esteem can be difficult at times. It is not based on what we are, on how great we are at our job or how other people perceive us. It is created by intuition, creativity, enjoyment, independence, from our capacity of understanding what is wrong and what it right.

Maintaining and building self esteem every day is key to learning to love yourself and living in harmony with others. Here are 10 easy steps you can follow in order to do so:

01. Stand In Front of a Mirror. Look at yourself and say these words: “I accept myself just the way I am”. Before you can love any other person, you must learn to love yourself.

02. Show Your Body Some Love. Give yourself a well deserved massage, let your body feel that you have confidence in it and that you trust it.

03. Thank. Thank yourself and thank other people. Thank you is a very powerful word that holds the value of what others have just done to receive it.

04. Exercise. Even just a run or a light walk. Your body will thank you in the long run.

05. Eat Healthy. We are what we eat. Food influences our mood, the energy we have and how long we can perform. Once in a while, prepare yourself a special treat for no reason.

06. Write a letter. Write yourself a letter filled with love, and leave it behind for the moments when you are feeling down and need some self care.

07. Laugh. Have a good laugh and try to make other people laugh. This will release endorphins, which are the feel good chemical.

08. Unclutter. Take some time to order your room or house, and clean everything up. To feel orderly inside you have to live in an orderly fashion.

09. Do Not Judge. Especially yourself, but also others. Everyone is unique and has his own reasons for acting or being the way they are.

10. Feel Good Music. Finally, listen to some relaxing and feel good music right from our channel!

  1. belhadj mohamed

    thank you for this wonderfull website which help us to refresh and relax and love ourselves ….i have difficult problems with myself i hate very much so i want a solution to love it ..

    • RLion

      First of all I’d like to ask you this: does negativity bring you happiness? I believe that if you follow this path, you will only encounter more self loathing and which your heart does not need.
      There’s an interesting article about this issue in this blog, try reading it and let me know what you think about it!
      Thank you for writing to us

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