Lets Discover: Svadhisthana, The Second Chakra

Lets Discover: Svadhisthana, The Second Chakra

Welcome to the second stop in the journey through the world of chakras. Today, it’s Svadhisthana‘s turn, the orange chakra. Read on to learn all about it!

Svadhisthana, the second chakra. The center of our sexual nature, it is located near to the abdomen, next to our reproductive organs. Its symbol is an upside down moon, and it is related to the water element.

orange chakra

In sanskrit, Svashisthana can be translated as “one’s own base”: according to Tantrism it is the second most important primary chakra after Mulhadara, the root chakra. It is associated with the unconscious, and with emotions. It contains the feeling of desire, most notably desire which is sexual in nature. One who meditates on the second chakra will obtain the power to be free from enemies, will lose fear of water and gain awareness of astral entities.

Chakra Balancing Music

Balancing the orange chakra is extremely important. With a healthy Svadhisthana, comes a healthy sexual life, positive energy, vitality, creativity, and passion. Try to not open it up too much, as with an overactive orange chakra you might incur the risk of becoming jealous and dependent on bodily pleasure. Here is some chakra balancing music from our youtube channel you can listen during your meditations:

I hope you can find this information useful. See you again next week, where we will explore Manipura, the yellow chakra associated with self control and efficiency.

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      Hi! Every week we are posting an article on “all you need to know about chakras”, you can find the first and the second chakra already online. Next week we’re talking about “manipura”, the third chakra.

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