Lets Discover: Vishuddha, The Fifth Chakra

Lets Discover: Vishuddha, The Fifth Chakra

This is the fifth week we will spend exploring the amazing world of chakras. Join us as we discover Vishuddha, the blue chakra of speech and openness.

We left off last week by taking a last look at Anahata, the heart chakra which governs the feelings of love and serenity. Vishuddha is located just a little above Anahata, as it is the throat chakra found near the spine.

Vishuddha is the blue chakra, and is also known as the purification center. When it is open, you are able to turn negative experiences in wisdom and knowledge. When it is closed, a person slowly undergoes a process of death and decay. It is said that one’s success or failure in life is mainly determined by the state of this chakra alone.


Meditation on the fifth chakra is said to bring occult powers: the possibility of seeing past, present and future; resistance to diseases; destruction of dangers. While meditating on Vishuddha, you should repeat the mantra haṃ, the syllable which is written in white upon this chakra.

If you wish to listen to some chakra balancing music, please consider downloading the app that we helped create called CHAKRA MEDITATION BALANCING

Chakra Meditation Balancing

Chakra Meditation Balancing was studied to help you create a safe and relaxing atmosphere wherever you want to conduct your chakra meditations. Use the timer to measure how long you wish to meditate on each energy center and focus on the chakra you need to heal most.

I hope you enjoyed this information on Vishuddha, the blue chakra of openness. To help you meditate, you can play this video below which contains some relaxing meditation music created with the purpose to heal this particular chakra. Remember that chakra balancing is also a matter of aromatherapy and colour therapy, that’s why the video is all in blue, which, as I told you before, is the color of Vishuddha. Use some scents in your meditation room to help you relax.

Next week we will take a look at Anja, the chakra of awareness and intuition. In the meantime you may want to read about the other 4 chakras we talked about during last weeks.

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SVADHISTHANA – The orange chakra of sexuality

MULADHARA – The red chakra, the foundation of the “energy body”

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