Live Better by Living a Peaceful Life

Live Better by Living a Peaceful Life

If you wish to live in peace, you must learn to accept yourself. You must learn to embrace who you are, and what you can achieve.

Some people may believe that approval from others is what makes them really happy. In reality, what you need is learning to love yourself and accepting who you are. The world outside is hostile, and irrational. In order to find balance, we seek other people which we can please, and in doing so we become someone else. We change our personality and adapt; however, by doing so we may risk becoming unhappy.

When you are not true to yourself, your body will know it. Your mind will perceive it. And you might suffer from it. Learn to be happy with yourself and you will be able to live better. Here is a list of suggestions you can do in order to do so:

Making Peace With Your Past

Learn from your mistakes, and make yourself understand that every error you have made thus far has only made you grow. If you can not love what you were, how can you accept what you are? Do not try to pretend your past does not exist or it does not matter: make it part of yourself.

Find Something You Can Believe In

In order to live a peaceful life, you must find the spirituality within you. Find something you believe in, and stay true to it. Remember that spirituality does not mean religion, but that you can find your spirituality through religion.

Let Go of Other People’s Opinions

Learn that other people do not matter, and that you do not have to change who you are only to satisfy their expectations. By doing so, you will lose your true personality and wear a mask that does not belong to you.

Do Not Compare Yourself With Others

There will always be someone that is better as you. That does not reduce your value as a human being. Be happy with yourself and learn to live better by just accepting who you are and your capabilities.


Just smile when you can. Give someone a smile for no reason, it will brighten their day!